How to tie a bracelet?

Creating a bracelet is a complex and time-consuming process. Therefore, it is painfully painful when it crumbles due to a poorly formed string. To prevent this from happening, learn to tie knots professionally. Train on a regular rope or braid. After 2–4 times, when confidence will already appear, it will be possible to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice, that is, on the accessory itself for the hand.

What kind of knot can I tie a bracelet or knot on it?

Mobile and motionless options are used. The first involves changing the circumference of the decoration: if you pull it, it will become longer. The second type fixes tightly, the adjustment of the size of the accessory becomes impossible.



  • take a piece of rope;
  • string beads, pendants on it (weave a bracelet);
  • fold the tip with a loop;
  • attach the 2nd part of the lace;
  • several times wrap 1 tip around the loop and the second node;
  • Pass the free tip into the loop from the inside and tighten.


You need to make a loop at the 1 end and thread the second tip into it. Then move the knot from the loop and tie the ends together.


Lay the edges parallel to each other, wrap the bottom from the bottom and make a very wide half loop on it. Pass the second end through the half loop formed, wrap around and make a second half loop. Repeat the procedure three times, and then tighten the knot (just pull the ends in different directions) and cut off the excess with scissors.

Important! To prevent the base of the bracelet from opening, cauterize its edges.


Necessary materials and tools: waxed cord (2 pcs.), Scissors.

How to make a node:

  • put the cords parallel to each other so that one string is longer on one side and the second on the other;
  • tie a single knot on the tip 1 of the lace ( do not tighten the node, the lace should be shorter on that side );
  • pass a long lace through the knot;
  • repeat the procedure with the second string;
  • tighten the knots;
  • get a vicious circle, the length of which is adjustable.


Another option for decoration with variable length. The knot fits as follows:

  • bend the rope in the form of "U";
  • make a free loop (pull 1 end, let it become about 10 cm longer);
  • fold the upper end of the lace in half (take the outer section of the rope and take it back along the edge, but do not get closer to the middle part of the structure);
  • bring the ends together and make a loop (the inner end is brought closer to the outer one, at the same time 3 layers of laces are formed at the intersection point; the outer end must be made the longest, this is necessary to form the knot; the outer end is threaded through the entire layer from the bottom and brought it up, perpendicular to the whole designs);
  • make a few more - 3-4 - loops;
  • pass the tip from which the vertical loops were formed into the horizontal loop (the one that was formed from the fold of the middle part of the rope);
  • tighten it tight ( if the knot turns out weak, then you just need to increase the number of vertical loops ).

Important! Be sure to check the strength of the structure before wearing the bracelet.

Sometimes you need to tie an elastic band on a bracelet so firmly that it no longer comes loose. Just use one of the above nodes.