How to thread a children's sewing machine

Many mothers who love and know how to sew and knit, make sure that they have grown an independent needlewoman. Perhaps that is why manufacturers every year increasingly produce various toys that contribute to the development of special qualities in young children.

For girls, such a toy is a children's sewing machine. She not only looks like a real one, but also knows how to sew!

The number of such models is diverse; there are some differences in the functions and preparation methods for work. We will talk about such machines, as well as how to thread them with threads.

Types of children's sewing machines and their functions

Despite the variety of models, each of them is made for one purpose - to help girls learn how to sew and master the basics of self-creation of garments.

IMPORTANT! All children's models are a safe device that is as close as possible to real seamstress equipment.

Below are the most common options.

  • Sew cool . It is distinguished by its originality in execution, as well as ease of interaction . Thus, the child with his own hands will be able to cope with the work. The main thing is that the unit is as safe as possible: all possible needles are specially closed in a plastic case. The presented equipment provides the user with all the necessary accessories.

  • PVC is designed for girls under 10 years old . Therefore, after such a model, you can safely switch to adult technology. The unit itself is a set of threads, a real needle and a different kind of drive.

  • Singer Junior is equipped with both a thread regulator and the ability to wind it on a spool .

IMPORTANT! Not suitable for children under 8 years old.

This is because, most likely, they will have difficulty handling. Accordingly, adult help is needed.

  • PlayGo has a separate compartment for storing some details . With him, you can easily master primary skills.

  • Machine Couture is equipped with a wheel, which is needed to control the tension . On it you can perform many types of lines .

  • With Shantou Gepai you can use the pedal and manual drive . Thanks to this toy, you can learn how to perform simple actions.

  • Winx contributes to children's interest in sewing. However, it does not allow complex manipulations.

  • There are several speeds in Igrusha . In addition, it can be used for double stitching and zigzag stitching.

Methods for threading children's sewing machines

Each model differs from others due to some parameters. However, the principle of refueling is similar for many . Consider the most common option. Below we present a certain sequence that will certainly help to achieve what you want and thread the thread in a children's sewing machine without a spill.

Action algorithm

  • First of all, it is necessary to install the spool with the selected threads on the bobbin holder .
  • Pass one end of the thread from right to left .

TIP! Perform action over the edge of the tension adjuster.

  • Next, you should transfer the fiber directly through the thread take-up and also from right to left.
  • The next step is to transfer the thread to the guide .
  • In conclusion, it is worth threading it into the needle on the left side.

    To summarize, we can say that inserting a thread into a children's model is not difficult. The method is as similar as possible to the present . This is due to the fact that manufacturers are trying to give reality to children in using the machine.