How to stretch leatherette

Stretch leatherette shoes

Probably each of us faced such a problem, in the store, the purchased shoes seemed comfortable and suitable in all respects (fullness, width and length), but later on they began to cause discomfort. A genuine leather product is easier to stretch, but with faux leather it is more difficult.

If the new thing cannot be returned to the store or the shoes are so liked that you just do not want to part with it, the question arises: how to stretch the leather leatherette shoes while maintaining the original appearance. There is a way out - this can be done independently at home.

Consider the most proven and effective methods, but for a start it is worth noting the important points. Firstly, for the shoes to take the form of a foot, it will be necessary to carry out the procedure several times. Secondly, you need to make sure that it is made of good quality material. Thirdly, it is not recommended to use the methods listed below for varnished shoes, since this material cracks when stretched. The latter, so that corns do not form during wear, you can well lubricate the back of the shoes with ordinary paraffin.

Heat treatment

Using this procedure, done several times, you can achieve a good result. To do this, put on woolen socks on your feet and try to put on shoes or shoes on them.

Then, using a hair dryer, gradually heat the problem areas, while setting the average temperature regime to preserve the material from damage. After that we go for a while.

With water

Water has sufficient properties for stretching artificial leather products. You just need to wet the shoes inside, put them on your feet and walk like that until it dries. This is a rather unpleasant way, so you can use wet newspapers that need to be tightly packed in the product. In order for the shoes to take the desired shape, this method will have to be repeated 2–4 times.


Alcohol is often used to solve this problem due to its softening effect on artificial skin. At home, alcohol-containing products such as cologne or vodka are useful.

If the shoes are uncomfortable in a particular place, you just need to treat the problem area well and wear it until it dries completely. To achieve the result, it is enough to repeat the procedure 2-3 times.

Laundry soap

This method has been used for several generations. It is considered effective when stretching shoes due to the composition of laundry soap, which has a softening effect on the material. This procedure is carried out in a certain sequence.

We dilute the soap with water to the consistency of the paste (for convenience, we rub the soap on a grater). The resulting paste is applied to the inside of the shoe, left for 4-6 hours, not allowing complete drying. After that, remove the paste with a washcloth and put it on your feet with a cotton sock for complete wearing.

Important! To keep the result after the procedures, you need to fill the shoes with newspapers and leave them overnight.

Funds from the store

There are tools for stretching shoes that are purchased at the store. One of them, quite simple - the use of special pads (they can be made of wood or plastic). With their help, you can adjust not only the length, but also the width of the shoe. And to speed up the process, experts recommend the use of creams and sprays to make the skin more supple. The main plus is that processed shoes do not need to be worn on feet.

Important! In this case, you need to work with artificial leather very carefully, as the material may crack. Special pads are also used for drying and storing shoes.

If there are concerns about the use of the pads, you can treat the shoes with paste (foam), purchased in a store and like this for several hours. The result will pleasantly surprise: after a while, the shoes will become more comfortable. These products contain chemicals that directly affect the processed material.

Attention! If the above methods do not give the desired result, you can use the services of a repair shop, where, using a professional pad, problem areas will be qualitatively corrected.

How to stretch a leatherette jacket

It also happens that your favorite leatherette jacket becomes small, while it is in excellent condition. Consider what methods will be useful to solve this problem at home.

Heat treatment

This method is similar to the procedure done with shoes. We heat the product in those places where discomfort is felt with a hairdryer in the middle mode. Trying to put on a thick sweater. Next, you need to wear about 30 minutes. If the jacket treated with heat does not put on you at all, you can ask for help from a friend of a smaller physique.

With water

As already mentioned, water is a good helper in this problem. It is necessary to wet the jacket with a warm shower and put it on a warm sweater. To achieve a successful result, you will have to walk for a long time - several hours. To reduce this time, you can stay in a room with high humidity or just take a walk in the rain (only necessary under an umbrella).


In this case, we treat with alcohol-containing solution those areas that require stretching. If the jacket does not have a lining, we also process the inside. After that we wear a jacket until it dries completely. The odor present will gradually disappear.

Laundry soap

This method will be less effective than in the case of shoes, especially for hard skin. We will use this time liquid laundry soap, which is now sold in any hardware store. First you need to make a soap solution based on one part of water into four parts of soap.

Using a spray gun, apply the prepared solution to the product, both from the outside and from the inside. Next, you need to put on and wear a jacket over a sweater for half an hour. Then remove and again process the solution. And continue to wear until the jacket is completely dry. If soap stains appear afterwards, they can be removed with a damp cloth. To consolidate the result, you can treat the dried jacket with alcohol.

Funds from the store

Funds from the store, used for stretching shoes are also suitable for increasing the size of the jacket. Using foam, we will process not only the outer, but also the inner side of the jacket, of course if there is no lining. Next, as usual, we dress and wear for about an hour. If after these manipulations the jacket remains tight, the procedure must be repeated.

Important! If the artificial material is quite rigid, then it is better to leave the treated jacket soaked for about half an hour.

The most effective of these methods will be the use of chemical sprays and foams for stretching, especially rough leatherette.

Reference! All of the above methods for stretching shoes and jackets are suitable only if you want to distribute the product slightly, otherwise the appearance can be completely ruined.