How to stretch leather shoes?

Surely you had the following story: you take out leather shoes from the closet that have stood there for several months, put them on and understand that they are shaking you. Such embarrassment occurs due to their improper storage. Do not rush to get upset and run to the store for a purchase, you can stretch them yourself using improvised means . Our tips will cost you much less than new shoes.

Ways to Stretch Leather Shoes

Before starting work on stretching, it should be understood that genuine leather has the ability to stretch when worn . Therefore, it is likely to stretch the material so that the shoes are large. You need to work here carefully. There are several ways to stretch, the most common and effective of them:

  • use cold;
  • apply water;
  • with steam or hot air;
  • using agents such as alcohol, petroleum jelly, or vinegar.

Let's consider all methods in detail.

How to handle shoes?

One of the tools to help stretch your skin is alcohol. Buying alcohol tinctures now is not easy, so you can replace it with vodka. We follow the instructions:

  • put alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe the inside of the shoes;
  • wet the shoes until the material becomes wet and soft;
  • put on woolen socks and put on shoes;
  • we walk for 10-15 minutes until the alcohol evaporates.

Important! It is not recommended to wipe the upper part of the shoes, as it is possible to spoil the material.

You can replace alcohol with vinegar essence . Dilute it in water in a proportion of 1 tablespoon per 100 ml of water. Put on a napkin or cotton pad and wipe the shoes from the inside. Put wet shoes on your feet with socks and walk around the house for about an hour. The material will stretch.

Using a homemade stretch

Stretching can be purchased at shoe repair points, or you can do it yourself. After measuring the length and width of the shoes inside, take a thick wire and cut the right amount from it. Wrap the wire with a cloth so as not to damage the skin. You will get two spacers for each shoe. Insert them inside and leave for 5-6 hours. Instead of wire, you can use wooden sticks. But if the tree is too thin, the sticks may break.

By means of a special tool

Shoe stores offer special products for stretching the skin. They are well established and do not require any effort to process shoes. The best at the moment are the sprays of the company Salamander, Kiwi, Silver and Salton . They soften the skin and are indispensable in cases where you need to stretch the shoes a little bit. Apply a special spray to the shoes from the outside and inside and put the shoes on over the woolen socks. Look like this for about an hour. If the skin is still rough and the shoes are tight, repeat the treatment several times.

Using wet newspapers

The most affordable and easiest way of all known. You will need old newspapers, water and a little patience. Pour water into the spray bottle and spray it well on the paper so that it gets wet. Tightly crumple the paper and push it inside. The more newspapers you stuff in your shoes, the more they will stretch. Leave the newspapers to dry completely.

It is not recommended to resort to the help of heating devices, let everything dry out naturally. The approximate waiting time is 15-17 hours, so it is convenient to use this method in the evening and leave the shoes to dry for the night. After the newspapers have dried, remove them and leave the shoes for a few more hours so that the skin dries out a little . After that, you can wear shoes. This method is effective, but many argue that the effect does not last long, moisture evaporates and the material dries again.


Stretch the skin by resorting to freezing. Take two plastic bags and pour water into them, then tighten them tightly so that the liquid does not leak. Place the water-filled bags in the shoes and place them in the freezer. Expect a few hours. From the cold, the water expands, thereby stretching the thin material . After that, remove the shoes from the freezer and carefully remove the bags. You need to act carefully so that ice does not damage the skin. Leave the shoes for a few minutes to warm up. Everything is ready to wear!

Hot air

Another effective method of stretching natural skin is hot air. You will need a hairdryer. Put your shoes on thick socks and direct the hair dryer to the places that they press. A stream of air will soften the material, and it will take the form of a foot. You can try steaming the shoes with steam from the iron. You do not need to wear them at the same time, since you can get burned. Hold the shoe in your hand and steam it for 5-7 minutes. Put on while they are warm and walk them 15-20 minutes. The skin will stretch.

Other effective ways

  1. Vaseline can soften and stretch natural skin. Apply the product on the inside and leave for several hours. The remaining Vaseline, which is not absorbed, remove with a napkin.
  2. A similar effect is provided by a baby cream, castor or vegetable oil.
  3. If suddenly it happens that no improvised means are available, use simple but good advice. Put your shoes on a wet toe and walk for about an hour, the material will stretch and take on the shape of a foot . You can also stretch with a wet towel.
  4. Wet shoes in hot water, wring out and wrap with a towel for 5-7 minutes. After the procedure, walk around the house in shoes for about 30 minutes.
  5. Shoes can also be processed with paraffin. Rub your skin inside with a regular candle and leave it overnight. Shake off the rest of the paraffin in the morning.

Is it possible to quickly carry shoes made of genuine leather?

Genuine leather is good because it does not rough and quickly wears out. If the shoes are squeezed a little, then they can be carried on their own without the use of any improvised means and without contacting a specialist . To prevent shoes from rubbing, it is better to wear them at home with tight socks on their feet. This will save you from corns.

However, stretching the natural material to several sizes will not work. First, thin skin can burst. Secondly, it can stretch unevenly, as a result, shoes can only be thrown away.

How not to hurt?

Using products such as vinegar or alcohol can ruin your shoes. Poorly painted shoes can shed. Therefore, before applying the product on the entire surface, experiment on a small area . In addition, frozen water can damage the natural material (stretching in the freezer). To prevent this from happening, leave the shoes until the ice has melted and only then remove the bags from them.