How to stretch leather gloves?

One of the elements of an elegant and stylish look is leather gloves. Imagine a situation: after buying a new pair, you notice that they are shaking. Do not worry and run to the store for a replacement. Leather is a natural material that lends itself well to deformation . At home, you can stretch gloves 1 size. Read about the methods and methods of the procedure later in the article.

What to look for before the procedure?

Before stretching, try on gloves and carefully inspect them. Please note the following:

  • where do you feel squeezing. If the gloves are small in width, in the area of ​​the hand and palm, then it will be quite possible to expand them;
  • if they are small in length ( in this case, the fingers on them are shorter than your own ), then it is better not to try to stretch them. The skin can be deformed only in width. If they are short, change them in the store or present to a person with short fingers;
  • Is there a lining inside the gloves? On the winter model, it can be made of fur. In this case, be careful when choosing a stretching method: a fat cream will not work .

Important! Make sure your gloves are made from genuine suede or leather. Artificial material cannot be stretched.

Take note of a few more important tips not to spoil the thing:

  • try to wear the accessory in its original form for several days. The chances are high that the gloves will stretch on their own;
  • never try to increase gloves by several sizes . Genuine leather is elastic, but with strong stretching, the elasticity is lost, the material is deformed and spreads along the seams in the literal sense of the word;
  • Determine how to stretch your skin. You can’t use several of them at the same time: the thing will definitely not survive such manipulations .

Methods for stretching leather gloves

Before starting the procedure, prepare one of the means by which you will stretch the gloves. We recommend staying with water, alcohol, baby cream or a special care product for leather products. Each of the methods will be considered in more detail below.


The method is mild and gentle. Wet skin stretches much better than dry skin. Gloves should not be lowered in a basin of water: it is enough to use a bath towel soaked in water. After that:

  • put gloves on one half of a damp towel and cover with the other half on top. Leave them in this position for 2-3 hours. Water will soften the skin, after which it will respond well to deformation and take the necessary shape;
  • get gloves and put on hands;
  • sit in them until the skin dries and coarsens;
  • carefully remove them from your hands and place them on a shelf. Do not crush them, leave them in a calm position.


A more aggressive effect can be achieved by using an alcohol-containing product. Tip: do not use alcohol in its pure form, prefer liquids based on alcohol, for example, old cologne, toilet water or perfume . If there is vodka in the house, then it will also work perfectly. To stretch, follow these steps:

  • Using a cotton pad, treat the leather surface with cologne. If possible, do this from the inside of the product;
  • put gloves on your hands and do your business for 20-40 minutes;
  • after complete drying, remove the accessory and carefully store in a dark place. Do not leave in the sun so that the skin does not fade.


Fat cosmetics are good for stretching your skin. Creams have a beneficial effect on the material, do not damage it and make it softer and more pliable. For the procedure, take any oily cream, for example, nutritious or baby . Then:

  • gently apply the cream with a thick layer on the surface, soak for a couple of minutes;
  • after which part of the fat cream is absorbed, remove the excess with a cotton pad or napkin;
  • put gloves on your hands for 10-15 minutes;
  • remove them and leave them in storage.

Advice! Fat cream can be replaced with glycerin . In this case, the procedure time will significantly increase: you will have to lubricate the skin for several days. The fact is that glycerin is much worse absorbed.

Special means

If you do not risk using folk remedies, then buy a professional tool for stretching the skin in the store. It is usually sold as a spray and is designed for leather shoes . Feel free to use it on any leather products. The principle of action of the product is similar to the previous ones:

  • it is necessary to spray it on the inner surface of the material and leave it for 10-15 minutes (more accurate time can be found in the instructions on the package);
  • put gloves on your hands and wait for it to dry completely.