How to stretch a bra?

Many women are faced with the need to increase their favorite bra by a couple of centimeters. Read on about the features of expanding this special wardrobe item, because you can do it quickly and easily with your own hands.

When can a bust be “expanded”?

The female body is special and very moody. Therefore, any change in weight or hormonal disruptions can lead to a change in the volume of the breast and its elasticity. For minor changes in weight, it is recommended to adjust existing underwear. This will help to avoid additional expenses and keep the item in working condition.

In addition, it is possible that in the near future the size of the breast will be restored to that which was when buying a bra. The bust can be safely expanded to thin girls who for a long time support the same body weight .

Reference! The new bra should sit tight, only four fingers should fit between it and the back.

In what cases can this not be done?

It should be understood that the design of the bra is designed taking into account the physiological characteristics of the female body . The product has certain parameters. So, in some cases, the expansion of the bra belt is not able to solve this problem, because the distance between the cups is fixed, and the woman will feel discomfort.

It is also not recommended to make changes to the product if there is an active struggle against excess weight. Over time, the bra will be just right, and maybe even big. Therefore, it is recommended to wait a while.

Doctors advise initially to buy suitable underwear sizes and change it in a timely manner in case of a change in parameters . After all, women's health requires a careful and caring attitude.

Important! If a woman has changed not only the size, but also the shape of the breast, then the old bra is better not to stretch. In this case, it should be replaced with a new thing. This often happens during pregnancy and after breastfeeding.

Do-it-yourself ways to increase your bra by a few centimeters

Women willingly share their tricks with each other. Consider the more popular ways to increase the bust:

  • Bra strap extension (inserts with hooks). This item can be purchased at the sewing departments. It must be attached to the loops on each side of the bra belt. Such strapless can be bought several pieces, thereby substantially changing the size of the product .
  • Elongation of straps, which will make it possible to lower the accessory a little lower. This method is possible if the woman has a pronounced waist. This method will not work if the chest and waist are approximately the same .
  • Replacement straps. Despite the fact that it is the corset part that provides the main support for the bust (90%), it still makes sense to purchase new straps. So, for lush forms, wider straps are suitable . They are able to provide additional support.
  • An insert made of elastic or other stretching material. In this case, the old clasp is stripped off and an additional part is sewn.

Many women are not afraid to conduct bold experiments with underwear, putting their favorite product at risk. Such methods include stretching things on the back of a chair. To do this, the bust is simply fastened and put on a chair for several hours.

Attention! The strapless extension can be matched to the color of your underwear. Thus, it will be ideally combined with the whole kit.

A properly selected bra should ideally sit on a woman and not cause feelings of discomfort . There are many ways to expand this accessory that should be explored. Indeed, even in the case of improperly selected size of linen is not subject to return. We hope that this article will be useful and will help to stretch and make adjustments to your favorite bra.