How to stretch boots

Felt boots are the warmest winter shoes, therefore, they can be seen on store shelves in our time, as they do not lose their relevance. But do not forget the owners of this pair that only with proper care will it serve you for a long time. How to keep felted shoes in excellent condition and stretch them you will find in our article.

Is it worth stretching boots

Each owner of felt boots needs to know that the purchased pair can stretch on its own or give a landing, that is, become deformed due to improper care and use. Since this pair is made of natural wool, do not use modern sprays and stretching agents that are not intended for this material.

Also, do not wear the boots yourself, as this method can lead to rubbing and the formation of corns on the legs.

How to stretch felt boots at home: 5 best ways

We offer the 5 best ways to help you stretch your boots.

Using water

To stretch felted shoes in this way, you need to prepare two plastic bags filled with water up to half or a little more. Then put one packet into each felt boot and then put the pair outside at a temperature of less than -10 degrees. If you need to stretch the front, back of the product and the bootleg, then in each of these parts you need to place another packet of water.

The steam should stay in a cold place for up to five hours, after which the room should be replaced with water and repeat this action until it stretches to the desired size.


This method is most effective if you need to increase the size of the pair. For this procedure, it is necessary to bring the water to a boil in a large saucepan, and place the felt boots on top for 3-4 hours so that they are steamed. After removing the shoes, place a crumpled newspaper or paper in the middle and leave it there until the shoes are completely dry. This procedure should be repeated up to 4 times.


First you need to make special blocks of wood. Their size should be one size larger than the size of the pair itself.

The boots are moistened with water and pads inserted into them, leaving the shoes in a warm place until they are completely dry. Repeat this action 3-4 times.

Sliding pad

For this method, you need to make a wooden block of soft material so that it can be moved apart, and its size corresponds to the size of the leg. This device should consist of two parts connected by a metal plate in which elongated holes should be cut. In these holes, the heel should move freely, as in the process of stretching it will need to be moved.

Using a soccer ball

Before starting the procedure, the soccer ball will need to be deflated, and the boots should be moistened with water. Then place the football camera in the product and pump it up to the size you need, leave it until it dries completely.

Repeat this action several times until the felted pair acquires the desired size.

What needs to be done so that the result remains for a long time

Felted shoes are often not recommended to be wet and washed, as they can quickly lose their shape and appearance. Also, these actions can lead to the pair landing in several sizes.

Important! For cleaning, use a metal or hard brush.

After cleaning, the felt boots are placed in a dry and warm place, and after complete drying, once again brush off the remaining dirt. If stains appear on the shoes, they can be removed using washing powder and water, in a ratio of 1: 2. Soap solution is applied to the brush with hard bristles and the contaminated areas of the boots are wiped.

To prevent the change in the shape of the boots, you should follow some tips:

  • Felted boots are best chosen on the sole.
  • Shoes with a sole made of felt need to be taken in size to size. Felted boots with rubber soles should be bought one size larger.
  • Prefer shoes with medium hardness.
  • If boots are without a sole, then you can sew the sole on your own. As the sole, you can take felt of large thickness.
  • Do not wear these shoes in wet and warm weather.
  • It is recommended to wet felted pair very rarely.
  • When cleaning, use special water-repellents.
  • Before cleaning shoes with decorative ornaments, it is better to first tear them off, and then clean them separately.

Before long-term storage of boots, it is necessary to clean, dry thoroughly and put a moth remedy next to them.

Important! The best remedies for moth are considered herbs of lavender or wormwood.

Felt boots into a bag and tie tightly. Then hide it in a place where it is dry and warm.