How to straighten a synthetic winterizer in a jacket after washing

The synthetic winterizer is one of the most famous fillers of outerwear among all age categories. This is a type of synthetic fiber. The material is lightweight, warm, practical to wear and, importantly, affordable. In the consumer market, jackets and raincoats filled with synthetic winterizer are a serious competitor to natural down jackets.

The only unpleasant moment encountered in the sock is the washing and the unpresentable appearance of the thing after it. At women's forums, the question is actively being discussed: "What to do when the filler (synthetic winterizer) in the jacket has whipped up?" There are several possible solutions to this problem.

How to straighten a synthetic winterizer

The main way - additional washing clothes

If you think that after the first wash, the thing is hopelessly spoiled - do not despair, you can apply a second wash. In the drum of the washing machine you need to throw small balls for tennis, preferably a few. When the item scrolls during intensive washing, they will break the filler that has rolled up. The “delicate washing” mode is used, in no case is the “spin”. Detergents are better to add a minimum. At the end of the wash, you need to hang the item on the dryer in a horizontal position.

Manually straightening a stray padding pad

If there are no tennis balls in the house, you can try to reanimate clothes manually. This is a lengthy process that requires patience and attention from you. You just need to carefully break the lumps of the filler with your hands, distributing it over the product.

Breaking lumps of synthetic winterizer with the help of improvised tools

Carpet Beater

A slightly damp thing needs to be shaken a little and hanged on a coat hanger, in a buttoned form. Using a knocker for carpets, you need to gently tap on the jacket, paying special attention to areas with a large accumulation of filler. At the end of the process, the thing needs to be shaken again so that the sintepon is fluffy.

Fluff the sintepon with a vacuum cleaner

This action is necessary when the clothes are wet. It is worth giving the product a horizontal position and proceed. It is necessary to carry out a stream of air over the entire surface, as if distributing the filler in those areas where after washing it has a smaller amount. We leave the jacket in the same position and let it dry to the end.

Extreme measure - lining steaming

Manually padded synthetic padding

It happens that none of the above methods could correct the deplorable state of a favorite thing. In this case, you need to use extreme measure - carefully open the lining and try to distribute the filler evenly with your hands. At the end of the process, the lining fabric is hemmed.

Sintepon replacement

It is worth remembering that if there is no time or you, for example, do not know how to sew, it is never too late to contact the atelier. Specialists will replace the damaged filler with a new one, thereby returning the clothes to their lost appearance. It will be much more economical to buy a new thing.

Preventive measures to prevent the formation of lumps of filler

To avoid problems with washing clothes with a filler, you should just remember a few simple rules. Before loading a thing into the washing machine, it must be turned inside out and set the desired washing mode to avoid scuffs and not break. If there are spots, they should be pre-treated (soak, wash). Detergent must be suitable for all types of fabrics, from unwanted stains should be set to "extra rinse."

It is impossible to squeeze in the car, it is a manual process in the washing of these products. Gently squeeze out the excess liquid and fold the jacket twisted by a roller into the basin. When the thing dries out a little, it needs to be given a horizontal position on the dryer and shaken a little. The final step will be to smooth the creases at a low temperature using an iron.