How the stars looked at graduation

Graduation evening at school is the first "adult" holiday in a person’s life. It seems to yesterday’s schoolchildren that now everything is possible and everything is permitted, that one can walk through life, raising his head high. All graduates usually choose bright holiday dresses. For girls, this is usually evening dresses, and for young people - classic costumes. Pop and movie stars are no different from ordinary graduates. At one time, they also worried about their way out and tried to choose a beautiful outfit, do hair and makeup. It is interesting to find features of today's celebrity in photographs of past years. Let's see what outfits were chosen by those who subsequently will shine.

Foreign stars at the graduation

Not only Russian schoolgirls are trying to stand out with their outfit and put on a prom to look older. The girls, who later became Hollywood stars, also feverishly tried to find a suitable dress for prom at school. And they also tried to decorate themselves with a beautiful hairstyle, make-up and jewelry. Some of them do not like to share pictures from the holidays, because the image is clearly not a success, and some proudly display rare photos on social networks.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress always looks chic and does not cause criticism from fashion experts. During farewell to school, the girl also looked flawless. A black tight dress with strapless corset and a stylish short haircut made her very attractive and “adult” .

The natural taste of the actress did not let her ruin the selected bow with catchy makeup. Jennifer made a restrained make-up, which effectively complemented the image.


This girl has not changed for many years. On her prom night, in accordance with the fashion trends of those years, she wore a narrow light dress with fancy cutouts at the waist and a high cut to the middle of the thigh .

Beyoncé looked, as always, beautiful, especially since she refused too catchy makeup.

Brad Pitt

The famous actor, apparently, mixed up something and put on his graduation, as if for a wedding . Not only did the young man put on a light silver suit with a white shirt and buttonhole in his buttonhole, but his girlfriend also chose a snow-white outfit that looked too much like a wedding dress.

The young man looked very attractive, but in conjunction with the partner's outfit, the image looked too grown-up.

Angelina Jolie

This girl has always been distinguished by an excellent taste and sense of style . For her graduation party, she chose a modest dress in a light shade, fitted and flowing . A massive necklace adorned the neck, and the hairstyle was modest.

And most importantly, Angelina decided to do without catchy makeup, leaving her natural beauty.

Sandra Bullock

The future Hollywood star chose a modest white dress on thin straps for her romantic prom and braided her hair in braids, which she beautifully laid on her head.

The outfit was decorated with boutonnieres with delicate flowers, and the whole image breathed innocence. It's great that Sandra refused a bright make-up, which was in trend in those years. The artist looked very attractive, her partner was clearly crazy about her companion.

Domestic celebrities

In Russia, it was not always possible to buy outfits that I really wanted. Therefore, many stars, like Lolita Milyavskaya, met their graduation in a classic school uniform with a white apron . It should be noted that even in this way the outrageous singer looked catchy and attractive.

A little later, the future Russian stars of show business, who became graduates, had the opportunity to buy chic outfits and come to their "adult" holiday in all its glory. Let's see what came of it.

Vera Brezhneva

At the time of her graduation party, the then-unknown Vera Galushka looked like a classic 40-year-old accountant .

A short haircut with highlighted strands, glasses and completely unsuitable clothes for the girl made Vera older by several decades. Today, showing this photo, Vera says that any girl can become attractive and popular if she really wants to.

Sergey Lazarev

Today's popular singer, twice a participant in Eurovision and other song contests, met the prom in a classic suit with a bright tie against a light shirt .

A sort of Pai-boy surrounded by a crowd of fans. Yes, at that time Sergey already had many admirers!


Singer Nyusha has always been a bright girl. She came to her graduation party in a bright red dress with strange pompons in her hair on both sides of her face .

Bright makeup and a strange hairstyle in combination with a scarlet dress made the girl noticeable. But it’s hard to call such a bow suitable for graduation from school.

Lisa Arzamasova

A sophisticated and vibrant young actress, the star of the series “Daddy's Daughters, ” knew that she would be under the scrutiny of cameras. That is why, in choosing a dress and hairstyle, the girl trusted her stylist friend.

An experienced professional picked up for Lisa a gorgeous dress in the floor with a flying skirt made of light fabric . A modest hairstyle and makeup effectively complemented the image, without making the set too fanciful.

Christina Orbakaite

Always slender and sophisticated, Kristina Orbakaite shone on her graduation in a lace blouse and midi skirt with then pleated fashion .

The head was decorated with a stylish ragged haircut, which became a trend in the 80-90s of the last century. Not without bright makeup, which then sinned all the girls from young to old.

Looking at these images of world and domestic stars it is difficult to say that celebrities are distinguished by their exquisite taste and sense of proportion . Some images are quite natural and look great in a prom. Others shout about the lack of taste of the graduate’s sense of proportion. We hope that the mistakes and mistakes of celebrities will be taken into account by modern graduates.