How stars hide pregnancy: 5 outfits with a secret

Public people do not like to expose their personal lives to the public. This is especially true for such significant moments as pregnancy. Therefore, women are struggling to keep their interesting position secret from fans.

Outfits of stars hiding pregnancy

What tricks the famous future mothers do not resort to in order to hide their stomach. A variety of means are used, but the most popular and effective is the choice of suitable clothes. Let's look at a few examples that demonstrate this.

Polina Gagarina

In order to hide her position, the singer, who just participated in several large-scale projects, replenished her wardrobe with spacious outfits. In particular, these were dresses of a free cut, a-line and with a high waist.

But such a move only attracted the attention of the public to changes in her figure.

Galina Yudashkina

Up to the birthday of the famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, no one even knew about the pregnancy of his daughter. Indeed, a few days before this event, at another celebration, Galina, dressed in a black trouser suit, did not notice anything.

Having demonstrated the presence of pregnancy at such an event, she jokingly explained this as a kind of gift for the future grandfather.

Natalya Medvedeva

One of the actresses of the famous female humorous show was able to hide her stomach for a very long time from the curiosity of the public. Her second pregnancy became known only in the eighth month.

Spacious floor dresses and tunics of a free cut undoubtedly helped her a lot in keeping her secret.

Mariya Kozhevnikova

This talented actress, and in the past an athlete, prefers to use shapeless silhouettes to preserve her secret. She expertly combines them with other elements of the wardrobe.

For example, a black loose dress on the floor is wonderfully complemented by a cropped black leather jacket.

Although many began to guess about the position of the singer, she preferred to hide him behind formless outfits.

Leading a rather active creative life, not every celebrity manages to keep his secret. But some people can surprise their fans by competently using a special cut of clothes.