How to smooth leatherette

Leatherette has a number of advantages, but flexibility and shape retention are not among them. To eliminate small cracks, you can restore smoothness at home.

How to stroke a leather substitute

Follow the instructions below:

  • Read the information on the label. Find out if this item can be ironed and steamed.
  • Based on the information received, select the optimal straightening option.
  • Before using any chemical and home remedies, test them in a small area. It is better to do this in the evening to get reliable results in the morning.
  • If you are going to iron, set the lowest temperature.
  • Before ironing, evaluate the lining. If the fabric is too thin, one-colored, then do not expose it to direct exposure to a hot iron. Better use a multilayer gauze. A pillowcase made of natural materials that will become unusable is also suitable.

You should also consider the following nuances:

  • Dermatine is also carried in leatherette, but it is extremely difficult to eliminate folds from it;
  • shoes from this material must be packed tightly with old newspapers before processing, and the straightening procedure itself is reduced to applying cream and prolonged waiting for the effect.

How to smooth a faux leather jacket


  1. Carry out trial ironing. See how the lining and leatherette respond to the process.
  2. Turn out a product.
  3. Fill your sleeves with rolls of paper or towels.
  4. Iron the item with light movements without pressure.
  5. Turn her out.
  6. Shape with paper rolls, towel rolls.
  7. Leave alone for an hour.

Steam with an iron or steam generator

  1. Perform a test test.
  2. Hang the jacket on your shoulders.
  3. Steam the problem area with steam from an iron or steam generator. Duration of exposure: a few seconds. Recommended distance: 10-12 cm.
  4. Leave alone for 30 minutes.

Steam in the bath

Hang the wardrobe on the coat hanger in the bathroom. Turn on hot water. Wait until the humidity in the room rises and smudges begin to form on the mirror. The steam will straighten small folds, you will not have to resort to an iron, provided there are no drafts and a tightly locked door.

This method has disadvantages. First: it takes a lot of time. Moreover, you will need to maintain the temperature in the room, add hot water. You will have to do this for 2 hours, no less. The second controversial point: you can not leave the jacket unattended. It is necessary to correct the thing, smooth the folds, set the direction.

At the end of the specified period, transfer outerwear to a heated room. Hang from a battery and other heat sources. Let it dry.

Attention! When steaming, the location plays a role. Place the jacket directly above the bathtub so that steam rising up gets on it. The thing itself should hang high. Make sure that it does not touch the water.

Other possible ways

Minor defects can be eliminated by walking in clothes in the rain. The main condition: the thing must be completely wet and dry naturally. The second method of delicate straightening:

  1. Turn the wardrobe on the wrong side. Make sure that the sleeves do not remain in the same position.
  2. Hang the item on your coat hanger.
  3. Pour soft drinking water into the spray bottle at room temperature.
  4. Wet the product lining evenly. Perfect condition: the jacket is already wet, but does not drip from it.
  5. Leave alone for 12 hours. During this time, the clothes should dry completely. If this does not happen, increase the period.

Important! Do not resort to dryers, hair dryers, or other sources of heat. The process should take place in a natural manner and under normal room conditions. There is only one way to accelerate it: by preventing a temperature drop, preventing the formation of drafts.

It is not recommended to often resort to this technology to eliminate defects on leatherette. Use it once a season. For example, before the first wear. If the need arises more often, use the following option:

  • take an unpainted rag made of natural fabric;
  • moisten rags in glycerin;
  • 2-3 times process problem areas of the product, and then the entire front side;
  • hang the thing on your shoulders, but not in the wardrobe, but in the room (it should not come into contact with other wardrobe items);
  • leave alone until completely dry.

It should be noted that some synthetic materials that are referred to as leatherette are extremely sensitive. It is impossible to predict their reaction to glycerol. Be sure to conduct an experiment to find out if the tissue will not change its original properties when in contact with chemicals.

Instead of glycerin, you can use shoe polish. In order not to make a mistake with the shade, test on a small area. Put on it means and wait until it is absorbed. Check if the color has changed. If not, then start processing the entire product.

Experienced housewives create and use homemade mixtures for straightening. To prepare the solution you will need:

  • vinegar essence (3%);
  • fabric softener;
  • soft water.

Mix the ingredients in equal proportions. Add spray to the mixture. Spray a deformed surface. Application should be spot, do not go beyond the damaged area.

Immediately after processing the problem area, pick up a jacket, pull the front material in the deformation area in opposite directions. When choosing a direction, push off from the crack. If it runs from the bottom up, then you need to pull left and right.

Duration of action: 2-3 minutes. Then you can move on to another site. Rinse off nothing. The mixture is not toxic, leatherette from contact with it will not lose color.

If there is no vinegar on hand, replace it with a double portion of air conditioning. Then the composition of a home remedy will schematically look like this: 2 parts of an air conditioner, 1 part of water.

It is possible to give shape to the sleeves of the jacket at the beginning of the season without resorting to ingenious manipulations. It is enough to fill them with rolls of paper or towels and leave them alone for a day.

How to stroke a leatherette skirt

To straighten this outfit, just wash it in the car. Optimum mode: hand wash with a minimum number of revolutions during the spin cycle. Immediately after the appliance stops, remove the skirt from it. Hang it upright. Let dry at room temperature.

Important! Do not miss the moment the wash ends. If you do not hurry, even more wrinkles will appear on the product.

If this method does not work, try ironing the skirt based on the recommendations above.

How to straighten a leatherette bag

There are 2 ways. For the first, you only need paper and a sheet of natural fabric.

Algorithm of actions:

  • fill the bag with cut paper so that there is no free space;
  • wet the sheet, wring out;
  • wrap imitation leather accessory with wet bedding;
  • leave alone until completely dry.

Second smoothing technology:

  • fill the bag with the method described above;
  • defects on the material - creases, cracks - lubricate with cream;
  • let it soak;
  • wipe the surface with a natural cloth;
  • inspect the accessory for creases, repeat the procedure.

Attention! If the bag is sewn from light material, slightly warmed milk should be used instead of cream.