How to smooth dermantine

Dermatine or artificial leather is an extremely attractive material. Modern science allows manufacturers to create material that has many advantages over genuine leather.

Durable to use, beautiful and varied in color and texture, dermatin is also very practical. That is why it has found wide application and is used both for sewing clothes (leather jackets and pants, skirts, jackets, vests, etc.) and for furniture upholstery.

Its price is much more interesting than leather. One quality of dermatin upsets: it is not yet as flexible as regular skin. Therefore, creases on artificial skin are not smoothed on their own. However, this can be dealt with! We will tell you how to smooth out the creases that appeared on the dermatine.

We use an iron

In the traditional smoothing of creases and folds formed on the fabric, we use a heated iron. The same experience can be successfully used to smooth out dermatin.

Attention! When using a hot iron, pre-test the material! Iron the test section of the artificial material from the wrong side and check its reaction. The slightest deformation of the front side requires the termination of ironing!

Compliance with a simple algorithm will allow using an iron to bring things from leatherette in order:

  • The garment is turned upside down to iron from the inside out.
  • When laying out a thing on an ironing board, only one layer of material should be exposed to a hot iron. If it is impossible to decompose things in one layer (for example, when ironing a sleeve or leg), an additional layer of fabric (for example, a towel), a roller or a small pillow is created between the layers of dermatine.
  • If there is no lining on the product, ironing can only be done with gauze or another cotton cloth.
  • Dermatin is ironed at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C, like silk or wool.
  • Do not immediately put on a just ironed leatherette item. Having turned out a garment, leave it for 60 minutes. on the hanger. Keep things hanging neatly, voluminously.

Important! Do not wet the artificial leather or cotton through which ironing is done!

Apply steam

A good result is obtained by steaming dermatin.

Reference! For steaming, special irons are used that can form steam, or special steamers for clothing.

Steaming things is carried out after a trial procedure. If a negative result when steaming a small part of the material has not occurred, continue to work with all clothing.

Steaming requires a vertical arrangement of the thing. The ideal option is to use a special mannequin for clothes. It is also possible to hang clothes on shoulders, adding volume to sleeves or trousers.

Place the item so that you are comfortable working with the problem area. Using an iron or steamer in accordance with the instructions, apply steam for several seconds to the crease. Make sure that the household appliance does not touch clothing; do not bring it closer than 10 cm to the material. Under the influence of steam, the crease on the dermatine is smoothed out.

Steam over hot water

If your iron does not have the function of generating steam, and the steamer is not at hand, do not worry. A similar effect can be achieved with steam from hot water. True, this will take more time than when using electrical equipment, so it is better to carry out the procedure in advance, for example, in the evening, and put on clothes the next day.

To smooth the folds, first hang the clothes on the shoulders and place them over the bathtub. We fill it with the most hot water, close the bathroom. The steam exposure time is 2-3 hours. After that, the clothes should be dried. It is best if things dry out on their own, placing them near heating appliances is undesirable.

Smooth folds with a special solution

What should I do if during trial processing the material negatively responded to a hot iron or steamer? Do not despair! Try exposure to a special aqueous solution. You need to cook it yourself.

It is not difficult to do this, except for water, you will need ordinary table vinegar (9%) and fabric softener, usually used for washing, and a spray bottle. For the mixture, you need to take all 3 components in equal proportions, for example, mix 5 tbsp. l each substance.

Having thoroughly mixed all the components, we fill the spray with the resulting solution and spray it into the problem place. Many housewives use this method even with the necessary household appliances: they like the instant transformation of leatherette and the safety of a solution that leaves no residue.

Other ways to smooth wrinkles on dermatins

Check out other possibilities to tidy up your dermatine stuff. This will help you choose the most suitable way for yourself to get rid of creases and creases.

Hair dryer

By setting the dryer to warm air, you can treat a problem spot with the air jet.

Important! Do not move the hair dryer directly to the material. Keep a distance of about 30 cm from the appliance to the work surface. This will safely smooth the material.


Foggy and humid weather becomes real help in smoothing artificial leather clothes. A walk under such conditions will smooth your clothes, you just have to dry it carefully, avoiding bruising.

Be careful! Smoothing dermatin requires accuracy and caution. Following certain precautions will allow you to achieve your goal without side effects.

When steaming the leatherette with an iron or steamer, do not touch the material, as this will prevent stains.

Dry clothes and other things from leatherette only in a natural way! Open sun, heating appliances will lead to deformation of the material.

Never use the iron on the front of the leatherette!

A careful study of the recommendations for caring for a particular leatherette item, observing the rules for caring for such things will allow you to maintain their appearance for a long time and enjoy using them.