How should sandals sit?

Do you know that wearing sandals is an art? Even sophisticated fashion stars sometimes make mistakes when choosing the wrong shoes. Want to be better than them? Read on.

The main rules of "landing" sandals

Already by the name of this shoe it is clear that the leg will be in sight. Sandals and sandals that do not hide anything. So, the very first rule is that your legs should be in order . Even the most expensive and beautiful shoes do not go well with the remnants of a pedicure and groomed feet. But this rule is basic. Now let's talk about the shoes themselves. Obviously, in order to look good and be comfortable, sandals must be suitable in size . If the foot length is “between sizes” - choose those that are slightly larger: in the summer, legs swell more often and more.

Important! In a shoe store for a new pair you need to go in the evening, after a working day. And in the store, before making the final choice, walk in the new clothes for about ten minutes, no less.

If your favorite pair of summer shoes consists of straps, make sure that they do not stick into the skin . Wearing such shoes is uncomfortable, you run the risk of making corns, and if you look at your foot, the fastening straps will be bad.

Be sure to carefully examine yourself in the mirror. The center of the heel should go through the center of the heel (high or low - it doesn’t matter), and the toes should not reach the sole edge by about half a centimeter. It is desirable that there is a small gap between the thumb and the sidewall of the sandals - just a few millimeters will be enough. This will create the most comfortable foot position when worn.

How wrong?

You will be surprised, but so many make mistakes when buying. Like, beautiful, have a colleague - so I take it. And you need to choose it very carefully, taking into account all the nuances. The incorrect fit of sandals immediately catches the eye. You must have noticed something similar on the street more than once.

If the heel hangs or slips

This, in my opinion, is the most striking example of the wrong choice. It looks disgusting. Better the sole would be a little more than less. The leg in such shoes looks bulky, even at the "inch", and very messy. You can try to solve the problem by slightly relaxing the straps around the toes . But this is only possible if the fingers do not “hang” from the sole.

If the "bones" are

If there is such a problem, you probably know that you need to choose only comfortable sandals. It should not be allowed that the stone is between the straps. It will be inconvenient, it will lead to blisters, and nothing can be said about the appearance. It is better to hide problem areas . Choose more closed models when the bone has a wide strip of skin or tissue. It is important that the material is soft and does not cause inconvenience.

If your fingers move forward

Shoes will look beautiful, where the fingers barely reach the edge of the sole. When they hang forward, they resemble claws. And for health, such a foot position is harmful. The center of gravity shifts, muscle strain occurs. As a result, drawing pains in the foot.

Sometimes the fingers are pushed forward if the sandals are wide. This problem is easiest to solve by overstepping or sewing a pair across the width . And if the reason is physiological - for example, the middle toe is longer than the rest, and protrudes forward, this can also be hidden. Look for shoes with a closed or only slightly open toe . It will look elegant and at the same time summer-like.

If sandals hang out

So they are wide. We have already talked about slipping a leg and how ugly it is. But if the leg dangles in shoes while walking - this is very dangerous. Avoid such shoes . This is especially true for models with high heels and platforms. Such a pair will be extremely unstable, and wearing it can easily lead to serious injury.

If the straps are not adjustable

Buckles will allow you to adjust the shoes on the foot and avoid both slipping forward and "hanging". Most often, adjustment is made using small strap fasteners. See that they do not fall into problem areas - joints or bones . Otherwise, the shoes will mercilessly rub you, and wearing the pair you like with pleasure will not work.

Which material is correct?

Try to avoid artificial materials . In the heat, they can produce harmful substances that will irritate the skin and will not add health. Such shoes are not able to pass air and absorb moisture. This is important even if the sandals are sewn from just a few straps. Under them, the skin will sweat, which contributes to irritation and increased sweating. If you definitely want to save some money, choose summer shoes made of fabric . Yes, it is short-lived, but eco-friendly and ergonomic - just what you need for the heat.

We are looking for a suitable heel

Every woman should have a lot of high-heeled shoes - for all occasions. But there are a few rules to follow when choosing them:

  1. With a full ankle, avoid shoes with a thin stiletto heel or a “shot glass, ” such a shape of the heel will only emphasize the splendor of the forms. Leave sandals with thin straps on the shelf for the same reason.
  2. Sandals with a stable rectangular heel and a fairly wide top will be a great choice.
  3. Thick heels are not suitable for girls with thin legs, as well as a massive wedge. These shoes will further emphasize the thinness of the ankles.

The pad should be sized

Improper landing in the area of ​​the lifting of the foot, when the bend of the foot and the bend of the sole do not fit together, can turn into a big problem. Such a flaw is not only immediately evident, it is very harmful to health. The foot does not rest on the sole, as expected, the main emphasis is on the fingertips and the heel, the muscles of the foot are always tense. All this leads to very unpleasant pulling pains and swelling. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the pain increases gradually, and immediately you can not even assess the damage received .

Examples of sandals not sitting properly

For me, the funniest example was when on one lady I saw sandals from straps with too narrow soles. Fingers just fell out around the edges and looked like pretty mischievous horns. The lady herself was not happy and tried to bend her fingers - this certainly did not add beauty.

And I always sympathize with full women, especially when they wrap their own ankles and feet with thin (or not so) straps of sandals. These straps dig into the skin, making the limbs look like homemade sausages. In such a pair and uncomfortable, and rubs. But they go!

In my distant youth I myself loved to put sandals on a thick platform on rather thin “matches” at that time. I think it looked funny, although I liked it! The main task was not to tuck the leg. Sometimes I even dealt with her.

Well, after reading this article, you will not make such mistakes and you will look stunning - in a good way, of course!