How to shorten a chain on a bag

Recently, bags and clutches on chains have gained popularity. All owners of the fair sex are familiar with such a problem as a very long handle on this accessory. After all, each girl has her own taste and growth, one likes her bag to be more authentic, and the other shorter. In this article we will look at how to shorten the handle on a clutch or bag yourself, and with what tools.

Which chain can you shorten yourself

There are several types of these straps: by type of alloy and by type of links. All of them are different.

Of course, in order to shorten the chain on your own, it is precisely the type in which the links are not soldered, but can be disconnected. A lot of time will not be needed for this, you just need to use a pair of pliers to disconnect the link with the part that connects the handle to the accessory. Then measure the desired length and remove excess parts using the same tool. Next, connect the end of the strap with a ring or hook and attach it to a clutch bag or purse.

On a note! If the handle of the bag turned out to be from links that do not separate, then the nippers will help you. With their help, you can shorten the length of the strap.

What tools can I use to shorten the chain on my bag?

For these actions, tools such as pliers or pliers and wire cutters, which are in every house, are suitable for you. If not, or the strap does not lend itself, then take your accessory to the master, and he will do everything for you within five minutes.

Walkthrough on how to shorten the chain on your purse

But do not rush to contact the master. You can shorten the chain yourself, following the instructions provided.

  1. Unfasten or remove the strap from the bag.
  2. Separate the part connecting the handle to the accessory itself (it is enough to do this only on one side).
  3. If the chain is with drop-down links, then disconnect the latter from the fastening part, if with non-expanding parts, then disconnect the link itself with the wire cutters and remove it from the part.
  4. Measure the length of the strap to be removed.
  5. Remove excess parts.
  6. Attach the part to the edge of the strap that connects it to the bag itself.

Option number 2. We offer one more method, but it is suitable only for thin chains. If you do not want to tinker with passages, you can simply tie a chain into a beautiful decorative knot.

As you can see, this procedure is very simple, and you can cope with it at home.