How to sew ugg boots for a baby

Warm and charming shoes for kids for the winter are ugg boots. It is very convenient and not slippery to walk on snow paths and ice coverings. A natural product with fur elements is ready to retain heat even at the lowest temperatures. Traditionally, this shoe is made of sheepskin, the soft pile remains inside, it absorbs moisture well and therefore the legs will always remain dry. The huge popularity of this type of shoe does not yet guarantee that it can be found for a small child. It doesn’t matter, since this couple can be sewn independently with your own hands and no worse than in a company store. But this craftsmanship will be distinguished by quality fabric and original design.

Uggs for the baby: how to make a pattern

Pattern for ugg boots consists of only three parts. You can buy it in the store, but you can sketch it yourself. Size is for a child up to a year. If desired, you can change the drawing of the pattern.

In order to transfer the pattern to the fabric, you need to use soap, crayon or a special disappearing marker.

Cut out one material from each material. For the foot, it is better to make 4 soles from felt. Of these, two on the right and two on the left leg.

Important! The dashed line shows the available part of the material for correction at the time of sewing.

What is required for children's uggs

So many different shoe models can be seen on the Internet pages. These are all products created by the hands of craftsmen. Different fabrics based on a sheepskin and various decorative elements.

Children's ugg boots will require the following list of materials:

  • felt;
  • glue gun;
  • necessary fittings (buttons / fasteners);
  • threads and yarn;
  • duct tape;
  • awl;
  • sewing machine;
  • sharp and strong scissors;
  • chalk, a small piece of soap or a special marker that disappears to mark the pattern on the fabric;
  • pattern for the future product;
  • light and soft piece of sheepskin.

There are very interesting knitted uggs. They will require the same components, only additionally it will be necessary to knit the corresponding parts from the yarn.

How to sew soft and comfortable uggs for the baby

The process begins with preparation. It consists in a special piercing of holes. For this, it was necessary an awl. It is very important that with manual stitching the needle passes easily and nothing restrains the thread. Also at this stage it will be easy to make neat and even holes and the seam will be quite even and presentable. Holes must be made at an equal distance both from each other and from the edge of the product.

But such a procedure is not necessary if it is planned to sew ugg boots on a typewriter using a closed seam.

Closed-seam products also look beautiful, but the difficulty will be in an even seam, since the boots are very small, and not every machine can handle such a thick material.

Important! An open and even seam can be made with contrasting thread. To do this, you need to choose a thread that would fit the material in a color scheme.

Stitching toe and lower leg. After preparing each part, piercing the holes with an awl. You can connect the two parts of the shin and toe. Align at marked A and start stitching with neat stitches. It is better to stitch the needle with the usual seam forward. Next, walk a second time in a circle and complete the empty spaces, it will turn out almost a machine seam.

Important! When using a thin thread, it is necessary to sew a thread in several additions.

It is better to sew from point A, so even significant displacement of the fabric can be avoided, and as a result you will get an even seam without assemblies. First right, make a line, then left.

Next, crosslinking occurs with the foot. It is better to sew a stop from the middle of the toe. Combine the toe of the foot with the toe and begin stitching. You can slightly pin with pins, so you get a more even flawless connection of parts. Sew from the center point to the right and left to the middle of the heel. Similarly, flash a second pair of patterns.

It remains to make the last seam - it connects the sides of the lower leg. If you plan any fastener on the back of the shoe, then you do not need to stitch it to the end. and leave a place for a fastener.

It is necessary to collect everything. With fur inserts, make the same seams and then insert the sheepskin into the finished parts. It is better to strengthen all this with invisible hidden seams, but so that the nodules are hidden between the tabs and do not interfere with the leg.

Very often ugg boots are made with Velcro. For a child, it is very convenient. Mom, dressing up the baby, will be happy with such a simple clasp. After a walk it will be easier to undress the child, some children in a year can already cope with these types of fasteners on their own. Some rules for fastening such a convenient and practical fastener:

  • pattern. For children's shoes, it is better to cut a rectangular shape of Velcro tape. The standard width is 2 cm and the length is 3-4 cm. So, it will last a long time and will be securely fixed without unfastening from tension;
  • sewing. All Velcro has special strips without sticky pile. These are the places where the seam should go. Therefore, in such places you need to go with a needle and make small, even stitches.

Important! There is no need to sew with a long thread, so it will constantly climb on Velcro and get confused and spoil the fastener.

The fastener fabric itself is very dense and therefore, when making a seam, a special thimble will be required, it will help not to injure your hands and make work faster.

That's all the subtleties of working with children's shoes for the winter. After the product is completed, it can be decorated with different applications. Or just sew on a plain label from the store. Who has the imagination for the ugg boots themselves, he will not encounter the difficulties of decorating the finished product.