How to sew a tulle skirt for a doll

If there is a need to make a new outfit for a doll, then you can sew her a skirt-pack. The effort to create it will take a minimum, and the result will please not only you, but also girls who love to dress up dolls in different outfits.

We sew a skirt of tulle with our own hands

Sewing this type of product does not require certain skills. You can even do without equipment such as a sewing machine. With a minimum of effort, in just a couple of hours it will turn out to make the doll a new outfit.

Necessary materials

Materials and tools necessary for sewing a tutu skirt:

  • Tulle, stiff tulle, any other transparent fabric that can hold its shape. The material can be one color or several colors. It may also have a pattern or a certain texture.
  • Sewing machine.

ON A NOTE! If there is no line, you can also complete the lines manually, with a little effort and effort.

  • Threads in tone of fabric and suitable on the invoice.
  • Slanting inlay. It can be replaced with knitted tape or satin.
  • Any kind of decor that will suit your taste. It is quite possible to do without it.

How much fabric is needed

To navigate in the amount of fabric you need to measure the waist circumference of the doll. Then increase the obtained value by 3 or 4 times. The splendor of the skirt will depend on this. Then decide on the desired length.

Tailoring of a tulle skirt

Next, we start sewing:

  1. After measurements, cut rectangles from the material. The length of the figure is three times or four times the waist, and the height is the length of the skirt. After the first part is cut, repeat the same a few more times. It is desirable that each subsequent part was a little smaller in height than the previous one. This will provide greater splendor and the correct shape of the product.
  2. After all the parts have been cut out, each should be tied up to a value equal to the waist circumference. Then chop all the pieces together along the upper edge and sew on a typewriter, backing 0.5 cm from the upper edge. If the fluffiness of the skirt interferes with the sewing process, you should chop all layers with pins or knit.
  3. After the top edge is stitched, it should be trimmed with scissors. It can be flashed with a lighter if the fabric is capable of melting.
  4. Next, we process the edge with an oblique inlay. Instead, you can use a satin ribbon or knit. Attach inline machine line. But it is permissible, in the absence of a sewing machine or if it is inconvenient, to sew it manually. To do this, the thread color is selected in the tone of the inlay and is attached to the cut or singed edge with neat stitches.
  5. After this manipulation, we get a skirt that is not sewn along the side seam. It can be left not fixed, but can also be fastened with a manual seam. To do this, take the threads in the tone of the fabric of the skirt and carefully, so as not to tighten the length of the seam, fasten the two edges with the seam forward of the needle. This should not be done until the very inlay, but approximately 2/3 of the length. The threads for this manipulation take only the thinnest and softest in texture. You can stitch all layers except the top one, so it will be less noticeable and all work will have a more accurate look.
  6. Then fasten the buckle to the opposite edges of the tape or tape. As it you can use a hook with a loop, Velcro or a ribbon with a button.

The skirt is ready! You can measure it.

Do I need a petticoat

In the case of sewing clothes for a doll, the petticoat is a completely unnecessary part, which will take time to create clothes, but will not carry any functionality.

How to decorate a tulle skirt

The skirt can be decorated, but it is allowed to skip this step. If you still want to decorate the finished product, you can do this in several ways:

  • Decorate the clasp with a decorative bow or flower.
  • Also decorate the skirt with decorative elements. It can be a lace patch or rhinestones. It all depends on individual preferences.

In any case, it is up to you to decorate the skirt, or leave it in its original form. Be that as it may, the fitin already looks festive.