How to sew a towel with a hood for a child

A baby towel with a hood is an indispensable thing in caring for a baby. You can use it from birth, because soft fluffy, breathable cotton absorbs moisture perfectly. A voluminous hood gently wraps the child’s head, protecting it from temperature extremes.

We will tell you how to sew an accessory necessary for children with your own hands.

Materials and tools for sewing

Each mom can sew such a cozy towel for her child. To do this, you will need the following.

  • Soft absorbent terry cloth or regular terry towels .

IMPORTANT! For baby towels, it is better to use fabrics without bright colors, since dyes can cause allergies in the baby. Preference should be given to natural white or beige shades.

  • A small piece of fabric to trim the product around the edges. It can be satin, calico, cotton or cambric.
  • To decorate the hood, you can choose a finished embroidery in the form of applique .
  • Threads in fabric color, scissors, tape, iron, sewing pins and, of course, a sewing machine.

Sewing towels with a hood for a newborn

Step-by-step instruction

  • First, prepare a square of fabric from which you will sew a towel. To do this, lay the terry on the table and measure the necessary dimensions . In the classic version, it is 75 * 75 or 100 * 100 cm . But it is not necessary to be attached to standards, focus on the growth of your child.
  • For the hood, you will need two triangular pieces of fabric (one made of terry, the other made of thin cotton) with sides 31 * 31 * 50 cm . For convenience, you can first draw a triangle with the desired dimensions on paper and only then transfer the workpiece to the fabric.
  • Fold both parts of the hood together with their faces facing out, fasten them with pins and sew them on all sides with a sewing machine. The blank for the hood is ready.

IMPORTANT! Do not forget to stitch pins on time when sewing the stitch, otherwise the sewing machine may break.

  • From strips prepared for edging, cut strips 5 cm wide and a length equal to the perimeter of the towel + one long side of the triangle for the hood (50 cm) + safety margin 10–20 cm.
  • First, make a border on the long side of the triangle . We apply a strip of fabric with the front side to the edge of the triangle and lay a line to the width of the foot. We unfold the sewn edging face up and iron it with an iron. Turn the triangle over and fold the border 2 times . First, in half to the cut-off line of the triangle, then the lap on the triangle itself, and again well-ironed. Now you can fix the edging on the sewing machine, laying the stitch in the same way as last time - the width of the foot.

REFERENCE! If you decide to decorate the hood with an application, it is better to do this at this stage of work. In the future, the triangle will be sewn to the towel and it will be inconvenient to do the decoration.

  • Place the hood blank in any corner of the prepared fabric square. Be sure to ensure that all slices are aligned . To prevent the triangle from rolling during sewing, fix it on the fabric using sewing pins.
  • You can proceed to edging a large square of towels. This is done according to the principle already described by us.

The bath towel with the hood is ready!