How to sew a sweatshirt

Sweatshirt - a kind of sweater model, a popular and versatile wardrobe element.

It is combined with jeans and shorts, sneakers and heels.

The modern market has a wide range of models, colors and prints.

Handicraft lovers can sew a sweatshirt on their own. We offer ways to do the work that are available for beginners.

DIY sweatshirt

Each girl is important to be unique. The presence of the original sweatshirt will be a big plus in the wardrobe and will help to look attractive.

As a material for a sweater, knitwear varieties are most often used. Fabric for the manufacture is selected depending on the season.

The footer and kapiton are good for a winter product. When sewing clothes for warmer weather, a cooler is suitable. Ribana is also actively used.

In the process of making fashionable clothes on your own, in addition to fabric, you will need:

  • threads
  • scissors;
  • pins
  • a piece of chalk;
  • centimeter;
  • sewing machine.

Making patterns

In order to sew a sweatshirt, you will need paper blanks. Finding them is easy on specialized sites or in magazines. If this is not possible, you will be able to make the drawings yourself.

It is necessary to take measurements from the one who will wear a new thing. To the exact data, you can add a few centimeters for a free fit. Then the thing will become more voluminous and spacious.

For modeling, the following parameters will be required:

  • chest and neck girth;
  • the length of the sleeve;
  • wrist circumference.

In the shoulder area, you can add extra centimeters. This will turn out to be a fashionable model with voluminous details in the area of ​​the shoulder and elbow.

After removing all sizes, apply them to the fabric and carefully cut.

A simple pattern can be made on paper by the same principle. After the notation, cut out the necessary details and connect with adhesive tape. This option is suitable for those who are afraid to spoil the pattern or sew for the first time.

Making a sweatshirt without a paper drawing

If you are too lazy to draw drawings, but you want to have a fashionable and original thing, you can still make a sweatshirt. In this case, a convenient sweater or t-shirt is useful, which will serve as the basis.

Prepare the fabric, 190 cm of fabric will be optimal.

Sleeves will occupy an average of 20 cm wide. The rest of the fabric is used for sewing the front and rear parts. On one of the parts you need to cut the collar. The depth of cut is made based on individual preferences.

Next, proceed to join the sleeves. 7 cm should be set aside from the center of the base. Attach the blank for the sleeve and carefully cut it off. On the other hand, do the same. So the first product sample appears.

Then they proceed to the direct sewing process.

Begin by making sleeves. They are sewn on the sewing machine from the wrong side. After a side seam is made for the base. Ready sleeves with pins are attached to the main part and attached to the machine. A fashionable wardrobe item is almost ready.

The final stage is the preparation of the neck. The site should be carefully stitched with a sewing machine. Seams can be made both internal and external.

With the help of simple actions and with a minimum expenditure of time, a fashionable sweatshirt is achieved. The finished product is obtained with the sleeves lowered and the lower part. It is distinguished by its spaciousness and convenience.

Tips for sewing a sweatshirt

The first step is the preparation of patterns. The result is 4 parts: 2 sleeves and 2 parts of the base (front, back).

  • Sew sleeves along the entire length. The seam can be made out. Such models are now very popular.
  • When the parts are ready, the base is stitched.
  • Then sleeves are added. The sweatshirt is almost ready.
  • The bottom of the sleeve, the neck and the belt can be decorated with original rubber bands. Attach it carefully, from the wrong side. Upon completion, you can iron the product with an iron at all seams and elastic.

A few simple steps and a trendy sweatshirt is ready.

Important : you should be extremely careful when working on the sewing machine and avoid getting your fingers under the needle.

Doll sweatshirt

Lovers of the puppet world and miniature paraphernalia will love the process of creating a cute sweatshirt blouse.

For work, small cuts of knitted fabric will be required. As blanks, you can take approximate dimensions of 3 cm wide, 10 cm in length. The optimal volume of the sleeves will be 2 cm.

The process is the same when making an adult sweatshirt.

  • Details are stitched on the sewing machine from the wrong side.
  • Sleeves are attached to the base.
  • You can do a more fashionable thing and sew small elastic bands in the throat, waist and sleeves.
  • After finishing work, the finished jacket can be steamed with an iron or decorated with sublimation stickers.


The presence of such stylish and popular clothes as a sweatshirt will be a big plus in the wardrobe of every fashionista. With simple steps, you can sew it at home. Such a product will be very original and fully meet personal preferences.