How to sew a skirt from trousers

From time to time everyone wants to update the wardrobe. A unique designer skirt will be able to cope with this task!

But for the new thing there is no need to go to the boutique to spend a fortune. It is enough to find old trousers in the far corner of the closet and connect a little imagination.

What patterns can I sew

The transformation of old pants into a skirt does not require supernatural efforts, so even a novice seamstress will cope with this matter. In addition, you can give free rein to the imagination and choose any model from the following models of skirts.

  • Mini skirt;
  • pencil;
  • four-blade;
  • on a yoke (with one or more shuttlecocks);
  • floor skirt.

Yes, it’s easy to turn a pair of old trousers into any skirt, it all depends on your desire and the time you are willing to spend on remaking.

What do we need for work?

Materials and Tools

So, we need to prepare the following.

  • Old pants.
  • Needle and thread.
  • Scissors.
  • Crayon or bar of soap.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Fabric for a wedge / shuttlecock (when choosing the appropriate style).
  • Decor, accessories (sequins, braid, sequins, buttons, etc.).

IMPORTANT! Fabric for a wedge is better to choose the appropriate density (velveteen, linen) and a matching or contrasting color. But any fabric is suitable for a shuttlecock, the main thing is that it is combined with a yoke.

Preparing trousers for alteration

Do not forget that before starting work it is necessary not only to equip the workplace, but also to prepare the trousers themselves for alteration. The fabric should be clean and ironed .

Remember, to remake trousers that are great for you, you will first have to undo the side seams, and only then cut the length.

Then you need to determine the length and cut off the extra part of the pants. So it will be more convenient to work with the material. Importantly, do not forget to leave the extra 1.5-3 cm for hem .

It is not recommended to touch the belt, it is already ready, moreover, not every machine will cope with several layers of dense fabric.

IMPORTANT! If you are planning decor, wedges or shuttlecocks, do not rush to throw away the cut material, it can still come in handy.

Turn pants into a skirt

When everything is prepared, the time comes. The sequence of steps for making any model is approximately the same, it differs only in small details.

The easy way: mini, four-blade

If you sew a miniskirt, the matter remains small. Just follow the steps below.

  • Cut off excess leg fabric .
  • Expand the inner side seams .
  • Sew two legs in one .
  • To process the bottom edge .

After that, your skirt is ready to wear. You can add jewelry and feel free to go to the promenade.

According to the same pattern, a short four-blade is sewn .


It is most convenient to sew a pencil skirt from trousers with a high waist or a larger size. Mark the widest part of the hips on the trousers - you need to navigate along this line, opening the seams. Remember that if a larger size is taken as the basis, we first suture the product.

IMPORTANT! Sewing a classic “pencil” will be possible only from trousers, on which it is easy to dissolve the side seams. We will need fabric for allowances.

Further, the procedure is as follows.

  • Rasporov internal seams, then cut off the fabric on the inside to the place where it begins to lie flat.
  • We try on the blank and mark the excess on the fabric, which we will remove.
  • Sweep the skirt and make a control fitting.
  • Sew along the line of the estimate. It is recommended to leave the incision behind - so the skirt will not constrain movement.
  • We bend and process the bottom edge .

Woo a la! The pencil skirt is ready to wear! Depending on the length, color and material, it will become a faithful companion on office weekdays and on holidays, it will be appropriate in the evening toilet, and in a casual look.

On the yoke (with the Basques)

Another favorite style by many is a skirt on a yoke (basque). She looks very feminine and romantic and suits absolutely everyone . This model is also easy to sew from old trousers.

TIP. The best thing is a product made of jeans trousers. They sit perfectly on the hips and combine with almost any fabric.

If you are not sure about the choice of color for the shuttlecock, remember that pastel shades will always be winning.

A nice feature of this alteration is that even worn trousers will do for sewing a skirt . The fact is that the coquette does not need those parts of the trousers that usually wear out the fastest: inner seams and knees. If your jeans are in excellent condition, then the legs are perfect for the role of a shuttlecock.

  • First, cut off the upper part of the trousers, which will become a yoke.
  • We process the lower edge with an overlock (a zigzag is also suitable).
  • Unzip the cut off legs if we use them for shuttlecocks.
  • If another fabric is selected for the shuttlecock, cut off a piece of fabric with a length equal to the circumference of the basques.

IMPORTANT! The width of the shuttle should be 15–20 cm greater than the width of the coquette. If you plan to make several shuttlecocks, each subsequent should be wider by 20 centimeters.

  • Sweep the coquette and shuttlecock and try on the skirt.
  • We flash on the machine, we process the edge .
  • If we make several shuttlecocks, repeat paragraphs 3 and 4.

We try on and admire ourselves in the mirror - the skirt is ready.

If i want a long skirt

The product on the floor must be given special attention.

Firstly, for tailoring you need trousers in good condition . Shabby fabric, elongated knees, frayed at the bottom of the leg - all this on a long skirt will be clearly visible.

Secondly, often sewing a skirt on the floor requires inserting a wedge, because without it it becomes narrow and makes movement very difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare in advance a piece of fabric that is suitable for this role.

When the preparation is completed, we follow the already familiar pattern.

  • Unzip the inner seams and remove all the threads.
  • We remove the corner in the area of ​​the step seam.
  • Sweep the front and back seam, try on.
  • If the skirt is narrow, insert the wedge and try on again. As a replacement for the wedge, a cut can be made in the back, side or on both sides.
  • When the result of the dress is satisfied, we sew the front and back seam on the machine.

If desired, the seams can be hidden under the decor.

Tip. On a long skirt, zipper for the entire length, a spectacular cut or braid will look advantageous.

What about the skin?

A leather skirt is a very stylish wardrobe item. Are you wondering if you can sew it yourself? We answer: you can do it yourself. A new thing can be obtained from leather trousers. However, be prepared that the skin is a rather capricious material, not every machine will be able to sew it, and any wrong puncture risks spoiling the appearance of a future new thing.

If you are not confident in yourself or the car, leave tailoring to the atelier staff. If you are ready to work, the process itself will not be complicated. It will only be necessary to carry out all the actions extremely carefully.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Unzip the inner seams. We do it just enough to get rid of the stepping seam - we do not need extra ripping.
  • We sweep the front and back seam, leaving cuts where necessary.
  • Try on.
  • Sew on a typewriter and process the bottom.

The product is ready!

TIP. For sewing a skirt, larger leather pants are better.

They will have to be torn apart completely and sew a four-blade, but this will save from the risk of small holes from seams on the finished product.

It’s always hard to part with your favorite things, so it’s so nice to be able to give them a new life. A stylish and unique do-it-yourself thing brings even more pleasure. Now you know how to alter trousers in a fashionable skirt. Therefore, do not be afraid to fantasize and create - the result will definitely please you!