How to sew a skirt for a doll

Every girl wants her doll to be the most elegant. And all the women, even the youngest ones, know that there isn’t much clothes. Therefore, shreds, sewing accessories are taken, and the creative process begins. It brings peace and pleasure from work not only to girls, but also to adult craftswomen.

Here we describe how and what skirts for your favorite toys can be made.

What you need to make a doll skirt

Prepare for work:

  • tissue patches;
  • linen gum;
  • scissors;
  • sewing supplies;
  • decor elements (braid, beads, sequins, lace, etc.);
  • sewing machine.

We sew a skirt for a doll

Models of doll skirts can be very different.

How to sew a straight skirt for Barbie

Step-by-step instruction

  • Cut a strip of fabric from the shreds. The width should be equal to the length of the desired skirt + 1 cm per allowance. The length is at least equal to the waist circumference times 2.
  • The bottom edge of the strips is hemmed; this will be a hem.
  • Pull back a little from the top edge and sew a strip along the entire length with wide stitches.

IMPORTANT! To make wrinkles, start tightening the loose threads on the sides of your stitch.

  • Try on the blank on your chrysalis, if necessary, adjust the folds and the width of the waist.
  • Make a belt. Fold a thin strip of fabric along and sew on the top edge of the skirt.
  • Instead of a belt, you can sew on an elastic band, so the clothes will be even better at the waist.
  • If necessary, cut the protruding threads.

The skirt is ready!

How to sew a half-skirt for Tilda

We propose to make a two-layer skirt.

You will need:

  • two types of fabric;
  • threads matching in color;
  • scissors;
  • lace braid;
  • material for a belt;
  • marker;
  • pins for securing parts.

Completing of the work

To build a pattern, you need to take two measurements from Tilda.

  1. Waist + 0.5 to 1 cm per seam.
  2. Skirt length + from 0.5 to 1 per turn.

The pattern “half-sun” is done immediately on the fabric.

IMPORTANT! Keep in mind that the waistline can be located at different levels: high, medium, low. The appearance of the doll itself, as well as the style of the skirt, will depend on this.

Accordingly, if necessary, correct the measurements.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Cut from the fabric 2 parts “half-sun”, the height of which is equal to the length of the desired skirt. The width corresponds to the waist circumference multiplied by 2.
  • For one piece, just hem the hem. Sew lace on the other hem.
  • Fold the two shreds together and knit them with a wide stitch.
  • Form beautiful folds. Attach to Tilda, straighten the folds again and check the size at the waist.
  • We make a belt. You can use a beautiful braid in this capacity.
  • Stitch the part to the skirt, use the zigzag seam.

TIP! The upper cut can be made in different ways: from the belt, braid to lace ribbon.

  • Once again we apply to the doll, with a marker we mark the line along which you will sew. Carefully ensure that the details of the two skirts coincide with each other.
  • Refine the product - cut off excess threads, allowances.

Additional options for finishing the bottom of the skirt

  • Treat the hem with an inlay cut along the oblique from the same material as the product itself. Cut, sewn, tucked to the wrong side. Done.
  • Decorate with beads, buttons or bows as desired.
  • Use crocheted braid. This will give the product an additional option in the style of handmade.
  • You can also use wide lace as a second lower skirt.

Useful Tips

  • Remember to add extra allowances to your standards.
  • If you decorated your skirt with rhinestones or beads and fixed them with glue, then the product should not be washed.
  • If possible, smooth the seams, so the sewn things will look tidier.
  • If you still decide to wash the finished skirt, do it very, very carefully.
  • Are there elements of lace, tulle or organza? When rinsing your skirt, add fabric softener.
  • Sew beads or sequins to the finished belt. The product will look much more elegant.
  • Choose the threads in the color of the fabric, if there is no special idea to make a contrast. Do not use heavy threads; if they are removed, holes will remain on the finished product.
  • On very small skirts, use the Velcro fastener instead of buttons.
  • Choose simple materials for work, such as cotton, calico, it’s easy to cope with. Satin, silk, chiffon - the fabrics are very slippery. To cope with them, and even in the manufacture of small things, is handy only by professional seamstresses. Edging will also be difficult.

As you already realized, making a skirt with your own hands is not difficult at all.

Sew yourself, sew with your daughter, because time spent together is very expensive and valuable.