How to sew a round bag

Round bags are considered the trend of the outgoing year, however, they will not lose their relevance in 2019. They are able to refresh any look, complement the wardrobe and just cheer up with one of their unusual looks.

Ideas for Round Bags

A round bag can be knitted from knitted yarn, but in this case it is difficult to make the product unique. If you sew this model, you can use interesting fabrics, embroidery, patchwork, appliqu├ęs and receive original products. Only when sewing you need to use materials for compaction in the form of synthetic winterizer so that the product keeps its shape. With a soft base and sides, the bag and the circle will not look like.

How to sew a round bag with your own hands

If you liked this idea, but you did not find suitable round bags in the market, do not despair. We offer to try to make such a curiosity with your own hands.

Matter selection

There are no restrictions regarding the choice. You can sew from any material from linen to denim. Only, if thin linen is used, then it makes sense to glue it with non-woven to give some rigidity.

To sew this model, you should choose the main fabric, synthetic winterizer and lining material. Also prepare two metal half rings for the strap, snap hooks and a zipper.

Important! If you have only small zippers available and the diameter of the product is large, you can sew two fasteners that are directed towards each other. So opening and closing the bag will be much more convenient.

Pattern for a round bag

You can use any round object as a pattern. Cut two circles of the required diameter, quilting them and set aside. The strap is cut in the form of a long rectangle of 80 cm * 5 cm. It can also be sewn by bending the fabric on both sides according to the type of ribbon. And the sidewall should fully match the circumference of the circle, plus a couple of centimeters for allowances for seams. The width of the sidewall is 7-8 cm. The entire length of the sidewall must be divided into two parts - with and without zipper.

Sewing a round bag step by step

Sewing needs to start from the side, namely with the stitching of a zipper. One of the halves of the sidewall must be divided into two equal parts. Connect on one side with the main fabric, padding polyester and lining fabric and sew. Repeat the same on the other side of the zipper. When the zipper is stitched, iron and quilting in parallel lines. The top is ready. Now it needs to be connected to the lower part of the sidewall, which previously also needs to be quilted (connected) with all layers. To do this, connect two layers, between them place a strap from the main fabric with a half ring and an inlay for processing seams. Flash and repeat the same way on the other side of the zipper. The sidewall is ready, it remains only to manually sew the inks so that the seams are closed.

And now it remains to sew a circle to the walls of the product, along the seams, an oblique inlay of lining fabric is again laid. The tape needs to be sewn with a secret seam. Unscrew the product, attach the handle with the carabiner and the bag is ready!