How to sew lace to the bottom of the skirt

Refreshing a slightly boring thing or changing its length, turning a too strict model into a more feminine or slightly modifying the style - all this can be done with the help of a usual strip of lace. With it, you can create a small masterpiece!

Help Modern fashion has significantly expanded the possibilities of lace. Used before only to create a romantic image, now it is appropriate in a business style.

Sew lace ribbon to the skirt

It is not necessary to turn to a professional seamstress to decorate your wardrobe. You can become your own fashion designer. To sew an openwork cloth, you need to arm yourself with such tools:

  • scissors;
  • needle and thread or pins;
  • sewing machine.

We select the lace

To finish the bottom of the skirt, you can choose a lace to match the material of the skirt or use contrasting colors . To multi-colored fabrics, an openwork of one of the colors of the fabric of a thing will fit.

Natural or synthetic lace fabric to use, depends on taste and budget.

The width of the canvas is different. A thin strip will make the item more elegant, and a wide one can lengthen the hem to the floor.

Important! Lace trim is good for almost all types of fabrics - from silk to denim. The only exception is wool: with it, delicate delicacies look foolishly.

We decorate the hem bottom with lace

The general algorithm looks like this

  • We apply lace to the base to choose how to place the openwork fabric: on top of or underneath.
  • We measure and cut the required amount of lace tape, providing a margin of one centimeter .
  • To the bottom of the skirt pre-processed with a zigzag or overlock, we apply lace and bast (or pin with pins). Care must be taken that the hem is not pulled!
  • On the edge of the pattern we attach lace on the machine .
  • If necessary, cut off the excess canvas. If sewing was used, we process the slice.

Important! It is best to choose the line “zigzag”: it will save the fabric from “wrinkling”.

Work with lace: useful tips

  • Lace tape is able to "sit down", like any fabric. So that all the work does not go down the drain after a couple of washes, we prepare the fabric in advance . Moisturize, dry, iron from the inside. A steam iron is also suitable.
  • We select the threads depending on the location of the part . Place a lace piece over the hem? The threads should be in tone with the color of the finish. A fabric will lay on top of the lace strip? Then the threads are matched to the color of the dress.
  • Sometimes lace fabric requires manual work . You will have to do without a typewriter while working with knitwear. Manually sew and lace with a curly edge.
  • The junction of the trim with the hem can be additionally decorated with sequins and rhinestones, beads and a thin braid.

Even the narrow openwork strip that adorned the bottom of your skirt will help her look in a new way.