How to sew a hole in trousers

Despite the high-quality production of modern clothing, it can easily be torn. Such a wardrobe detail as trousers is often torn. The safety of the tissue may be impaired by contact with sharp objects. Because of this, the presentable appearance of the clothes is lost.

But still, you shouldn’t throw away your favorite thing, because it can be patched up.

A hole in trousers: how to sew

All the complexity of the work depends on the quality of the material from which the product is made.

If this is a business suit, then you should carefully analyze in which particular place the hole appeared. This will help determine if the edges can be flattened.

Important! Repair is not possible with a significant hole in a prominent area of ​​trousers.

In this case, the pants will either need to be completely updated, or completely forgotten about them.

Sew a hole on a typewriter and manually

When repairing products, you can use both manual and machine stitching.

Seam gap

When the trousers are unstuck at the seams, they should be turned to the inside. It is necessary to sharpen the places of gaps . This is carried out as close to the gaps as possible . And ends with a few centimeters further than the processing site. The allowance is made similarly to other seams.

In difficult areas, the seams are connected manually. For maximum strength, it is flashed 2 or 3 times.

In an inconspicuous area

Minor wear areas where the edge can be combined are allowed to be sealed . You will need to cut a piece of non-woven fabric. Choose a larger size than the hole . It must be seen from the inside, which will ensure reliable contact with the fabric.

It is important to carefully fold the edges at the gap with the non-woven. This will eliminate the discrepancy of material from the trousers and make the hole invisible.

After that, the gasket is ironed . The procedure is much more convenient to carry out on a specialized ironing board under the sleeves.

Tip . The technique is used when the place of wear is located on an inconspicuous area of ​​trousers.

On a prominent place

The appearance of a hole in elegant or business trousers in prominent areas affects their further use.

Many item owners will prefer to get rid of trousers. But it should be understood that the situation can be easily corrected or involved with a combination of various things. For example, with a jacket or vest, provided that they have an identical shade.

Often, close the hole in the pants will allow various elements of decor or embroidery . This will allow you to harmoniously close the hole on the trousers or their trouser legs and close this section with decoration. It looks beautiful on women's things .

How to patch a pants

Most people find it difficult to part with their favorite trousers. To extend the period of their use, product repair is needed.

Tip. If there is a patch pocket on the trousers, it can be used as a patch.

Often, with a large area of ​​the hole, you have to use the whole pocket.

  • In order to be comfortable working with the repaired area, it is necessary to expand the side seams .
  • For comfort, place a flat and hard object under the fabric . This can be a regular hardcover book.
  • The patch must be installed so that it can easily completely cover the worn place.
  • For convenience, you can use tailor pins to bend the edge of the patch and stitch it on the material.
  • If there is a small supply of patch, there will be nothing to bend. Therefore, it is allowed to use decorative stitches on a sewing machine or do manual sewing.
  • As soon as the patch is finished, you can proceed with the analysis of damaged surfaces. In cases where a hole has not formed, it is allowed to fix the worn area with lines using a machine . It is necessary to carry out the cutting of tarticles, and then reinforce with cobwebs a section of the hole on the surface of the sewn patch.
  • After this procedure, you can fix the hole cut using the appropriate line. For example, sew a three-stitch zigzag. Only after that it is allowed to sew up the product.

The most insidious hole is between the legs

Often jeans and other trousers wear out at the leg joint.

Before you begin, you will need to cut the patch . It should be slightly larger than the wear area itself. As a patch, you can use the bottom of the trousers, if previously they were shortened and hemmed. You can borrow a patch from other unnecessary trousers.

How to sew a hole manually


The first method of manual repair is darning or chopping. Threads matching the tone are placed throughout the hole in one direction: horizontally or vertically. Try to have small equal gaps.

Then fill the hole in the opposite direction. In this case, the needle is introduced alternately either above the thread or below it.

With diligent and accurate work and matching threads, you can darn your pants so that the intervention will be imperceptible.


  • Pants should be completely turned to the inside.
  • It is necessary to attach a patch on top and try on so as to ensure full closure of the problem area. You will need to pick up plain threads.
  • Often, the shared threads on the fabric of the products are in the form of black vertical stripes.
  • It is important to sew a hole with a few zigzag stitches, which will give your pants a natural presentable appearance, as if the hole was completely absent there.

How to repair a sewing machine

  • From the wrong side, the fabric base of the latka or adhesive is attached to the hole.
  • On the front side, the merging is performed. Having tucked the most suitable threads in color, they perform a line.
  • The direction of the seam must be combined with the direction of the threads of the material from which the trousers are sewn.
  • The seam should extend 0.8–10 mm beyond the edges of the hole.
  • It is necessary to impose as many lines as possible using the reverse stroke.
  • If the threads exactly match the color of the trousers, it will be imperceptible that they have been repaired.

Repairing trousers at home is a simple matter. However, it requires practical skill. Fixing it in the process of patching your pants, you can maintain a high-quality look of your clothes.