How to sew a hidden zipper without a special foot

Concealed zipper is the most aesthetic and neat way to handle the fastener. It does not attract attention from the outside, it allows you to concentrate on the product itself or its cut, and not on small details. The hidden fastener is almost invisible, which makes it easy to mask it under the seam. Therefore, others can see her only at the closest distance. The result is a neat and elegant processing of the product. It can be sewn on the side seams, on the back or in the pillowcase. It finds widespread use in sewing. You can find a secret fastener in women's skirts, dresses, blouses, trousers, etc.

According to design features, a secret one differs from a regular snake by the location of the slider on the back of the cloves. To sew it, use special paws for the machine. However, to stitch a zipper, there is not always a need for such equipment. We will tell you how to sew a hidden zipper without a special foot.

What will be needed for work

Important! When preparing materials, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the snake, consisting of cloves, a slider and a compacted base of fabric.

The standard width of such a fabric segment is 1.5 cm. Therefore, the width of the seam allowances at the point where the fastener is sewn in must be at least 1.5 cm.


From the materials you will need:

  • cut out thing;
  • secret snake;
  • needle, thread to match the product;
  • adhesive non-woven.

Important! It is recommended to select for sewing a zipper 4-6 cm longer in length than a seam measured under it.


From the tools you need to prepare:

  • a ruler;
  • tailor pins;
  • chalk or sharpened bar of soap;
  • overlock;
  • a sewing machine with a regular presser foot.

How to sew a secret zipper with a regular foot

  • Work should begin with the machining of the place to grind. Put a small mark on the cut product in the place where it was planned to make the snake. Sections should be glued from the inside with strips of non-woven, fixing with an iron, and processed on an overlock.
  • Measure with a ruler the length of the fastener in the seam: from the top and not reaching 5 cm to the end of the zipper. The beginning and end of the zipper in the product shall be marked with chalk on the front side. Marks must be symmetrical and match.
  • To unfasten the snake, with the help of pins we fasten its parts. We observe the following order: on the front side on the right we attach the face of the right part. And the left half with the left part, according to the marks.
  • Sew the zipper first with hand stitches. After that, put it under the claw of the typewriter, first you need to unscrew the plastic spiral with your finger.
  • Turn the machine’s flywheel so that the needle drops a millimeter from the line of cloves. It is this technique that makes it easy to sew in it without special devices. It is also important to ensure that the foot does not move out when it is sewn in, but goes all the time under the spiral.
  • Thus sew a secret snake from mark to mark.

How to determine that everything is done correctly? Need to inspect the lightning. There should be no visible tubercles, which often occurs when pulling the product during sewing. The seam should be smooth and neat, and the lightning is almost imperceptible.