How to sew an elastic band to a skirt instead of a belt

Today, various models of women's skirts are widely represented. The long elastic skirt looks elegant and luxurious; it will add lightness and grace to the figure. The elastic is attached in a circle, can be inside the belt or sewn separately. This option is ideal for the summer season, when freedom of movement is needed.

We will tell you how to sew the elastic to the skirt with our own hands.

Elastic band instead of a belt

Decorating a finished belt is not difficult, this will help your imagination and materials that you can easily find at home.

What will be needed for work

  • Thick black tape no more than 80 cm long and 8 cm wide.
  • Leather or suede shreds of fabric.
  • Buttons - 4 pcs.

Completing of the work

  • Decide on the length of the belt . Measure the waist with a centimeter and add 8 cm. The belt should not be too tight so as not to squeeze the stomach.
  • Measure 8 cm from each edge with a ruler.
  • We measure a rectangle of 10 * 16 cm on a piece of leather.
  • Bend the rectangles in half with the front side inward and connect the edges with a 1 cm seam.
  • We turn out the workpiece. In the resulting pockets, insert the ends of the tape and fasten to the typewriter with the finishing line.
  • Sew the belt to the skirt.
  • Now we sew the buttons to both sides of the belt.

An interesting belt is ready! It can be made as an independent part, it can be worn with a dress, with a light spring coat, long shirts or tunics.

Elastic in the belt

If you have a sewing machine and school skills in sewing, you can, without spending a lot of time, effort and money, make an easy outfit by yourself and correctly attaching the elastic to the skirt.

Insert the elastic into the silk flared skirt

It should be noted several methods of how to insert a tape in a skirt sun.

The easiest option is to take a wide elastic band and make a hole in the belt. Its width should be equal to or greater than the gum by 0.5 cm.

Using a pin, attach one end of the elastic band to the belt, and slowly start the second pin on the elastic band and slowly through the hole until it passes through the entire belt. Connect the ends of the tape, and sew a hole in the belt.

Elastic band in a tulle skirt

To facilitate the work, they often use the lump method when sewing skirts. In other words, pieces of tulle should be fixed on the elastic. As a result, the skirt will come out lush and immediately on the belt. However, there is a classic method for stitching elastic bands.

Working process

Basically, a belt for such magnificent skirts is done overhead . This allows you to close all the places of fastening shreds and seams.

  • Attach the tape to the front of the product and attach pins every 10 cm.
  • Pulling the belt, sew on the sewing machine.

How to sew elastic in manually

Sewing a gum without a machine is much more difficult, because in this case neither quality nor appearance should suffer. This is a more time consuming process . The braid must always be kept taut and monitored so as not to overtighten. If you do not adhere to all these points, then you will not be able to put on the product, or it will fall off.

Necessary materials

  • Threads by the color of the canvas.
  • Scissors.
  • Elastic tape.
  • Tailor's carnations.

Working process

  • Treat the fabric so that it does not crumble . Gather material and secure with studs.
  • Prepare an elastic band a couple of centimeters smaller than the waist . Sew the edges of the tape to the base of the skirt.
  • Pull the ribbons, aligning the edges of the fabric, and pin with pins in four places .
  • Slowly sew the elastic with the “forward needle” stitch in neat stitches.
  • Walk again, but insert the needle into the gaps between the finished stitches. As a result, you will get a line.

How to sew elastic tape on a sewing machine

Perfectly elastic tape will look only on some models of skirts. Make it long or in the style of “Dolls” with frills that will add a touch of romance to the look.

Materials for work

  • Elastic 5-7 cm in width, length depends on the volume of the waist.
  • Threads in the color of the product.
  • Scissors.
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine.

Working process

All preparatory work must be done before sewing on the ribbon. Namely: cut the canvas of the desired size and indicate the location of the grooves.

  • Attach the tape to the fabric over the fabric so that it is on the front side.
  • Using pins, fasten the tape in four places on the prepared item.
  • Make sure that the elastic is slightly stretched . The fabric under it should be slightly larger, otherwise the skirt will slip.
  • We sew the finished workpiece with a machine. Be sure to see the ends of the tape come together.

IMPORTANT! If there are problems attaching the tape (the machine skips stitches or the thread is constantly tearing), make sure that it is set correctly.

  • Observe the folds of fabric, they should be evenly matched . If this is not the case, fasten the tape more often and do the same with the top of the skirt. In the process, constantly make sure that the marks coincide.

Useful Tips

  • In the process of sewing on an elastic tape, try not to tear the needle through the rubber streaks that are inside the tape . This will cause deformation and rupture. The service life of such a product will be much shorter.
  • Try to pass the needle between the rubber veins of the tape.
  • Damage can be partially avoided by sewing on the elastic with a zigzag stitch . It is perfect for simple elastic bands and for the same thread.
  • It is worth constantly checking that the tape is stretched evenly around the entire circumference. Otherwise, it may lead to unevenness of the collected tissue.