How to sew a do-it-yourself fleece hat

A thin and dense synthetic fabric, pleasant to the touch, warm, remaining dry even in wet rainy weather - this is what fleece is. Due to its properties, this fabric is good for hats for changeable spring or gloomy autumn. Such a product can be sewn independently. There are many models that are not too complicated to execute, perfect for fleece.

Model hats for men, women, children

Now hats from this material are in fashion - on the street, in magazines there are countless options. Looking at them, you can see that in men, women and children, fleece hats are different.

  • A strong half of humanity prefers to wear simple tight-fitting models without unnecessary decor with a lapel or its imitation . At the same time, men usually try to adhere to a restrained color scheme, preferring black, gray, navy blue, beige.
  • Women and girls feel more free in the choice of colors and styles. Bright berets, turbans, hats with pompons, tight-fitting hats with color applique - all this is acceptable. Although more restrained options are invariably in demand.
  • Children love colorful things, and with pleasure they wear green, blue, blue, yellow, red hats. Models with ears are very popular now - like a cat, a fox or a bear, to choose from.

Important! There are universal styles that suit everyone, regardless of gender and age.

These are, for example, tight-fitting sports models; beanie hats. They are fairly neutral, they are easier to combine with other elements of the wardrobe.

Sew a fleece hat

Following simple instructions, you can recreate almost any style you like on your own. We will consider some of the simplest, most common options that you can sew with your own hands.

For adult

The most popular headgear suitable for any gender is currently the stocking cap, which is also called “beanie”.

To sew this yourself, you need to stock up: fleece, scissors, ruler, chalk on the fabric, pins, threads, sewing machine, pattern. It can be built on paper according to the model yourself. This will be the first stage of work.


Important! The larger the height parameter, the more voluminous the cap will look.

Owners of a narrow triangular face are better to take this value less . The rectangular shape of the chin, on the contrary, is combined with voluminous headgear.

Transferring patterns to fabric

Take the fabric, fold it in half from the bottom up, so that the front, more fleecy part is inside. And then again in half, this time from left to right.

After that, lay the pattern on top of the fabric so that the folds of the fabric coincide with the bottom and side edges of the paper.

Pin the template to the fleece with pins and carefully draw a special chalk around the outline. To do this more accurately, you can use a ruler.

Take the same pattern and turn it over, as if mirroring. And attach to the contour circled on the material so that the right line drawn by chalk coincides with the left edge of the paper. Pin and circle the pattern again.

Blank cutting

Remove the pattern, you will no longer need it. Take the scissors and carefully cut the resulting figure out of the fabric. Then fully unfold the matter.

Sewing hats

Rotate the workpiece 90 degrees and fold it in half again, so that the front of the fleece is inside. The bottom will be a fold of fabric. And at the top there will be an edge along which it is necessary to stitch the first seam. He will subsequently become the rear. The third and fourth seams, similar to the first, must be made in the lower part of the pattern, in its curved sections.

Stitch the last seam.

Turn the workpiece to the front side. Then fold in half so that the part that is supposed to be made outer is still inside. In this case, the back seam should be at the back, at the bottom of the future cap, strictly in the center.

Align the unstitched edges from above, gently attach them to each other with pins. And sew the last stitch along the contour.

And the female fleece beanie hat is ready! It remains only to turn it on the front side.

In the ties

Another popular model is a headband with ties that cover the ears. It is an elegant and convenient solution for all ages.

Make a cap of this style as follows.

Building patterns

To do this, you need to measure the girth of the head and its height from the bottom of the jaw to the crown.

Important! To make a correct pattern, it is worth adding 2-3 cm to all the received sizes. This is the tolerance on the seams so that the fleece hat fits well.

Completing of the work

When you build a pattern on paper, it's time to transfer it to the fabric. To do this, take the selected matter, fold it in half. The front part should be inside. Align the fold of fabric with the left side of the paper template. Then circle it, and cut the outline of the future cap along the resulting line.

Now you need to flash the workpiece on the right edge - this will be the back seam of your headgear. On the left, too, it is necessary to make a seam in the place where the product contour goes along an arc. It's time to think about the laces and ties. They are sewn at the bottom of the “ears” of the cap.

Turn the product over so that the back seam is at the bottom, exactly in the center of the workpiece. Carefully align the top edge of the cap, fasten it with pins and sew it on the machine.

It remains only to turn your creation on the front side.

Important! Single-layer fleece hats are rare. Given the characteristics of our climate, more often do hats with a single or even two-layer lining.

In this case, each layer is made according to the same pattern, following the above procedure.

Hat with ears for a child

On the basis of the model with ties that cover the ears, they make a huge number of fun children's variations.

The main difference from the more “adult” version of such a children's hat is the decorative elements. Ears, antennas, eyes, mustaches. What is enough of your imagination. It is recommended to add these elements at the last, third, stage of sewing hats before sewing the final seam.

Baby hat

This element of the wardrobe, covering the head from all sides, is very suitable for a girl and a boy.

This children's hat is easy to sew, following the instructions.

Building patterns

First, you need to draw a pattern on paper, taking into account the size of the head circumference and height from the bottom of the jaw to the crown.

Please note that at the top of the pattern you need to cut out the wedge marked in the picture with a dashed line. And then glue the paper template as if this triangle were not there.

Blank cutting

The same procedure applies as in the cases already considered. The fleece must be folded in half, so that the fold is located on the left. Then place a pattern on it, so that the left edges of the fabric and the paper blank coincide. Circle the pattern and cut the resulting figure out of the fabric.


Now you need to sew the main seam, fastening together the right edges of the product.

The most technically challenging task is to stitch the top edges of the cap. Do this very carefully, pairing the edges of the wedges in pairs.

After that, the finished hat can be turned on the front side. It is appropriate to decorate a child’s thing with pompons or appliqués - do not be afraid to give free rein to imagination in this matter.

Useful tips for sewing fleece hats

  • To create a really convenient and beautiful thing, you must always carefully think through the sewing process before starting work.
  • Choose the materials and threads in color, think over the style, carefully draw a pattern. And then you are doomed to success.
  • Fleece is relatively easy to work with. It is easy to cut, does not crumble, does not require special threads, complicated settings of the sewing machine. An ordinary seam with a stitch length of 3-3.5 mm is quite suitable.
  • Since this type of fabric has good elasticity, it is imperative to fasten the edges with pins before stapling them on a typewriter.
  • More experienced craftswomen sometimes advise at the end to process all the seams with an overlock. Then they will be more accurate.

An elegant hat made of fleece will come in handy in any wardrobe.