How to sew chuni from an old sheepskin coat

Sheepskin coat is a very warm outerwear, as a rule, is sewn from a natural sheepskin and if it has become unusable. Do not rush to throw it away, but give your beloved thing a new life. in our article we will tell you how to do this.

Preparatory stage

So, if you become the owner of an old sheepskin coat and a small amount of free time, you can sew homemade chuni from it, and there will be enough material for the whole family. Sheepskin is an excellent material for slippers. On cold winter evenings, the legs will not freeze, but they will not sweat either and, accordingly, there will be no unpleasant smell. It is best to choose sheepskin coat sleeves for sewing home-made shoes. There are the least fittings and other finishing materials, as well as the structure of the sleeve will greatly facilitate the construction of patterns.

Before you start building a pattern, you need to cut off the sleeve from the whole sheepskin coat and measure the length of the foot, as well as the width of the ankle.

Materials and tools necessary for work

In order to make homemade chuni you need: a sheepskin coat, a sheet of paper, a pencil, a blade, a large needle and strong silk threads in the color of a sheepskin coat.

Important! When cutting, use a blade, not scissors. The blade will give a more accurate cut and smooth lines, the cut will be even and the fur will not crumble.

Pattern chun from a sheepskin coat

On the Internet, there are many options for the different construction of patterns of home chun from an old sheepskin coat. We offer you the most simple. First, you need to build a base - insole. Be sure to make two parts for the right and left foot. You can simply circle the foot with a pencil, but you need to compare the measurements of the length of the foot. Next, we move on to the construction of the side parts, there will be 4 parts.

Draw a straight line on paper that matches your foot length. From one edge climb 4 cm - this will be a sock. From the other end, climb 8 cm - this will be the height of the heel. From the topmost point, set aside the width of your ankle divided by 2 and draw a straight line. Connect the received part with the toe of the product in a smooth line. It is still necessary to build the upper part of the chun. To do this, it is simple enough to build a rectangle with sides of 5.5 cm and 25 cm.

How to sew a chuni with your own hands: step by step

Step 1. Transfer the pattern to the material.

Important! It is necessary to cut from the smooth side of the sheepskin coat. Cut out the details with allowance for seams. Add 1-2 cm to each part.

Step 2. Cut out the components of slippers.

Step 3. The sole can be strengthened by gluing cardboard or pieces of leather to it.

Step 4. Assemble all parts and staple one by one. Sew the side parts to the sole first, then connect the side parts. The upper hem is sewn last. For chun decorative seams are relevant, outward with fur.

Step 5. If you don’t like the shoes are spacious, you can sew on lacing and adjust the width to your liking.

Reference! If you make slippers for children, do not neglect the decoration, various pompons and beautiful ribbons in ethnic style will look just in time.

As you can see, the manufacture of such shoes will not take much time; for sewing it does not even need a sewing machine. Warm chuni is an excellent option for giving, they will warm your legs even on the coldest days. It is best to choose such natural materials for the manufacture and it is not at all necessary to use a sheepskin coat. These slippers can be sewn from an old coat or an unnecessary sweater. By the way, Chuni will be an excellent gift, relatives and friends will surely appreciate your efforts. It is enough to show imagination, and you will become the owner of the real copyright thing in a single copy.