How to sew a belt to a skirt

It’s not difficult to sew an ordinary skirt. Any girl can cope with this task. But there are not the easiest moments in the processing of the product. Many questions and misunderstandings arise when sewing a belt. However, after reading the necessary instructions and studying the photo examples, this process does not seem tedious and time-consuming, because There are different ways that can greatly facilitate this task.

How to sew a belt to a skirt

To correctly and accurately sew the belt to the skirt, you must follow a certain procedure. In this process there are no trifles that can be missed. Let's consider step by step the main stages of the preparatory process:

  • First you need to make the right pattern. The belt in this example will be fastened with a button. Using a centimeter tape, measure the upper section of the product and add 2 cm to the resulting number to process the seams and 3 cm to the protruding tip to which the button will be sewn. So, if the cut of the skirt is 70 cm, then a strip of 75 cm should be drawn;
  • Next, we consider the width of the element. For example, if you need a width of 4 cm, then the total width of the entire part should be about 10 cm, where 2 cm in this case means allowances for further processing of the product;
  • It is important to reinforce the element with a lining before connecting it to the product itself. As a lining, you can use non-woven fabric or other duplicating composition. You should choose a composition that is suitable for the texture of the fabric. This fabric can be of different colors, so it is better to choose a lining to match the product. For dark and dense fabrics, a black or gray lining is suitable, while for light fabrics it is better to give preference to white;
  • We cut the doublerin strip according to the same parameters as the belt part. Next, glue this part to the fabric. To do this is easy in a simple way: take the lining with the adhesive side and put it on the wrong side of the strip. We cover with wet gauze and glue the lining material with an iron;
  • Next, you should dry the duplicate fabric. It is worth remembering such a moment: if you start working immediately, the lining material may come off. Therefore, it is important not to rush into the continuation of work. It is more efficient to cut the belt in advance so that at the right moment it is nearby;
  • The belt also needs to be folded in half and ironed well. The lower cut of the inside is treated with an overlock or a beautiful ribbon or ribbon is sewn.

Then proceed to sewing the strip in the following sequence:

  • We sweep the part to the upper cut, starting from the side seam, where the zipper is sewn;
  • We sweep the halves on the front side, folding the skirt and belt with the front sides;
  • We retreat one centimeter from the edge of the part. Do not forget about this important centimeter - this is a seam allowance for a short cut;
  • After basting, you should get a protruding end at 4 centimeters. And do not forget that from this number, it is necessary to leave 1 cm for processing. Pins can be used as an auxiliary material. So professional seamstresses sew products;
  • We sew elements together on a sewing machine. We remove the threads for basting and be sure to iron the seam, bending it to the top of the belt;
  • Then it is necessary to carefully connect the side sections, carefully connecting the horizontal seam of the sewing-in of the part on both parts;
  • We fold the part with the front sides inward and perform the connecting seams vertically at the location of the fastener. Next, we turn the product and iron the seams;
  • Sew on the button and make a loop. The eyelet can be both slotted and made of a small flagellum of tissue.

Attention! The fabric does not need to be ironed for a long time. One strong pressure for a couple of seconds is enough. Thus, we glue all the doubler to the material.

A quick way to sew a belt to a skirt

An easier way to sew a belt is the option on an elastic band. It can be either open or closed. In a whip, it is better to take a soft decorative gum. Such a belt will be guaranteed beautiful and neat. Consider the main stages of work:

  • First you need to prepare an elastic band and find out the length of the strip. For this, it is enough to know only the volume of the waist. However, the elastic should be taken shorter by 3-5 cm. at the time of sewing, it will stretch;
  • Next, we connect the side sections of the gum. First, we sew on the inside, and then on the front;
  • Insert the elastic into the skirt. It is necessary that the elastic was evenly distributed over the upper section of the skirt. First, we connect the elastic with a side seam and a side cut of the skirt using a pin;
  • We proceed to sewing the gum on the machine. Sewing should be done in parts, constantly pulling the elastic and straightening the fabric.

You can also make a part on a closed elastic band. The main advantage of using the drawstring is that you can take almost any gum, even the wrong color. And if you leave a small hole in the drawstring, then, as necessary, the gum can be tightened, thereby obtaining the desired size of the product. Follow these steps:

  • We cut out a strip. Its width should be greater than the width of the elastic by about 1 cm. It is also necessary to lay allowances for the seams. The length should be equal to the length of the waist;
  • The resulting strip is folded in half and ironed;
  • Next, we connect the side sections of the belt, leaving a small hole there. In it we will continue to thread the gum;
  • Next, connect the skirt and belt with the front sides using pins and flash it on a typewriter;
  • We take the gum and insert it into the drawstring. Next, we connect the side cutters on the typewriter;
  • Straighten the resulting belt. For a more secure fastening of the elastic, you can make fastening stitches on the front side of the belt. This line will allow the gum to lie evenly, not to turn over and not to twist;
  • So it is possible to make several seams perpendicular to the elastic band at a certain distance from each other.

Reference! Elastic skirts are often sewn for children, as They are stretchable and very comfortable to wear.

Sewing a belt to a zipper skirt

Consider the process of sewing on a belt that will be fastened with a zipper. The difficulty lies in the fact that the zipper must be sewn to both the belt and the main product. Let's get to work in the following sequence:

  • The pattern of such a strip will be very slightly different from the belt on the button. To its length it is necessary to add allowances for sewing on zippers of about 1.5 cm. A tail for sewing on buttons is not needed in this example;
  • Next, we chip and do the processing of the lower slice of the element: duplicate and process the lower edge with an overlock;
  • Sew the strip according to the above scheme and proceed to stitching the zipper;
  • To do this, distribute the zipper around the waist and skirt. First we pin it with pins, and then we sweep and flash it on a typewriter;
  • Next, we bend a part of the fabric with a zipper and sew the edge on the machine as close to the zipper as possible;
  • To ensure that the corner where the zipper closes is even, the excess fabric from the allowance must be cut;
  • Then the strip is turned out and a fastening line is made on the front side of the product. To do this, align the sections of the belt and pin it with pins to the skirt;
  • On the front side of the product make a line, trying to get exactly into the seam of the connection of the belt and skirt;
  • At the end of the work, iron the entire product completely.

Important! For sewing hidden zippers, there are special paws that greatly simplify this process.

Thus, among the various ways of sewing the belt, you can find the most convenient. Beginners are recommended to sew products on simple belts and in the future, increasing the level of their professionalism, move on to more complex options.