How to sew a bag of fabric with your own hands - patterns

Women's bags are an indispensable accessory without which the image of the fair sex looks unfinished. In it, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity carry with them everything they need: keys, a mirror, a phone, napkins, lipstick and so on.

A woman needs a lot of bags, and the family budget, as you know, does not allow such luxury . Therefore, the best way would be to make this item yourself. Even the material for this needlework can be found if you carefully shake your wardrobe.

So choosing this lesson, you will not only receive an original, unusual new thing, but also empty the closet.

Before you start creativity, you should decide on a model. Then pick up the necessary materials, tools and decor. And only then to do the manufacture of gizmos. Below we tried to collect the necessary useful information and interesting ideas, schemes and photos for your creativity.

What fabric to choose for sewing bags

Sewing a fabric bag can be made from any material, the main thing is that it possesses sufficient strength.

Common materials

But there are certain options that are used most often by craftsmen.

  • Jeans (denim) . This versatile material is suitable for creating products of different styles . Durable and wear-resistant, it is not electrified and looks very attractive. The only negative quality of denim is its property to lose color (fade) over time.
  • Gabardine . This wonderful material has several advantages. It does not crease, is resistant to moisture and abrasion, does not stretch and does not sit. Complementing the characteristic is that at the same time the material is quite light and soft.
  • Polyester This synthetic fabric has a universal appearance. Its surface may be imitation of cotton or silk. But at the same time it costs much less, and at the same time it has practicality and wear resistance. The only negative is that matter does not allow air to pass through.
  • Nylon The most unassuming and undemanding care fabric. But at the same time it has pleasant tactile characteristics and allows you to make attractive products.
  • Thick cotton . For the warm season, products from it are best suited. Easy to care for, lightweight and has a wonderful range of bright colors.

Additional choice

There are several more options that are not as common as the previous ones, but suitable for creating a female accessory.

These include such canvases.

  • Cordura - American matter of increased strength .
  • Canvas is a modern kind of canvas .
  • Lake - imitation of patent leather.
  • Oxford is a sort of matting that came to us from Scotland.

REFERENCE. In addition to the listed fabrics that are used for the outer part of the bag, there are a couple of options for the inner part. Most often, a capron or twill is taken for this. You can also use plain calico or satin.

Types of bags that you can sew yourself

Existing models of this thing can be listed endlessly. But let's dwell on the most famous variations that are easy to sew with your own hands.

  • Shopping Bag;
  • beach bag mat;
  • backpack;
  • clutch bag.

To create these items you need a little matter (you can use things that you no longer wear), scissors, a sewing machine, as well as a little imagination and free time.

Shopping Bag

A bag for shopping was sewn independently by our mothers. It is great for grocery shopping. And her sewing is pretty simple.

The material for its manufacture will serve as old, but still quite sturdy clothing.

Manufacturing process

  • Dissolve the clothes at the seams and cut out the details according to the basic drawing.


  • To process edges of details on an overlock or a zigzag seam.
  • Make connecting side seams.
  • Sew on the bottom part.
  • Stitch the handles.
  • If desired, decorate the finished product with decor.

TIP ! To make the product stronger, use a double seam.

We sew a beach bag rug

The benefit of such a product is undeniable. Firstly, you do not have to drag an uncomfortable rug with you, because the thing is equipped with a pair of convenient handles. Secondly, you can put the necessary small things in it (by sewing a special pocket).

For the embodiment, you will need a dense fabric (you can use terry cloth), twill, large (35 cm) and small (14 cm) zipper, Velcro, synthetic winterizer for the middle layer and a braid 1.5 cm wide .

Basic pattern

Pocket pattern

Completing of the work

  • According to the given pattern, cut the fabric.
  • Sew zipper pockets into details.
  • Sew pockets to the outer part.
  • Stitch the webbing handles of the product.
  • Stitch the front and inner parts by placing cushioning material between them.
  • Sew on Velcro.

Crossbody Bag - Backpack

Children love this versatile item. They are happy to carry their things and books in it. And it’s even more pleasant for the child to receive an original thing in mother’s performance.

For work you will need the following materials: fabric (main and lining), material for stiffening, zipper, fixing elements and decor .


Work order

  • Transfer the details of the pattern to the material and cut them.
  • Stitch the side seams of the outside.
  • Connect the upper workpiece to the bottom.
  • Sew on the straps and flap.
  • Sew in the lining.
  • Stitch the zipper.
  • Install locking elements.
  • Decorate the item.

Clutch bag

And finally, the invariable attribute of the festive women's outfit is a small clutch bag. Made with his own hands, he is able to give your look a unique charm and personality.

To create it, you will need fabric (basic and lining), fabric or leather to create a flower, leather slanting inlay, dublin, magnetic button and a metal ring for attaching the handle.


Description of manufacture

  • According to the basic pattern, make the outer and inner parts of the main and lining fabric.
  • Glue Dublin to the outside.
  • Reinforce the duplicate mounting location of the magnetic button on the inside.
  • Install the magnetic button.
  • Cut two blanks for the inside pocket.
  • Fold the blanks with the wrong side and sew, while leaving a hole for turning out.
  • Turn the part on the face and sew along the contour.
  • Sew to the lining pocket.
  • Start on both sides of the outer and inner parts face inward. At the same time, put the ring in place to fasten the handle.
  • Unscrew the workpiece and steam.
  • The bottom, which remained unbroken, is edged with an inlay.
  • Process the valve with a single line and grind the product on the sides.
  • Install the second part of the magnetic button.
  • Decorate the finished product with an artificial flower.

Attention! Instead of a flower, this clutch can be decorated with a finished applique or bead embroidery.

Useful Tips for Sewing Fabric Bags

In conclusion, we offer several recommendations that will help you facilitate the workflow and achieve a wonderful result.

  • Many models of fabric bags need a rigid frame . It can be created by laying solid material on the side walls and the bottom, between the main fabric and the lining. Cardboard is used as the main material for these purposes. You can also (especially to strengthen the bottom) use household linoleum. Another popular method will be the use of flexible plastic stationery folders.
  • You can strengthen the product seams with the help of a laid cord and processing the resulting structure with an oblique inlay or fabric .
  • To decorate a shopping bag, you can use bright braid or thermal stickers .
  • Instead of a clutch pen, you can use a thick chain. It is sold per meter in a handicraft store.
  • Transferring the details of the pattern to the fabric, do not forget to perform the additions to the seams. Usually they are one and a half centimeters.
  • To prevent the zipper slider from popping up during use, sew the fixing pieces of fabric from both ends when sewing. They should, as it were, wrap the ends of the zippers.
  • If you use old clothes as a material, when cutting, look at the direction of the main thread of the fabric .
  • Decor in the visual appeal of the product plays an important role. The main thing is that there shouldn’t be too much of it and that the overall style of the subject should be preserved.

We hope you are convinced that even a beginner can do the sewing of a bag with his own hands. The main thing is to choose the right model and show a little patience and diligence. And the rest will follow. Equal to you lines and creative flight of imagination!