How to save on clothes and shoes

We all want to look stylish and fashionable. But look at the price tags, you will see that fabulous amount that you need to put out to buy new trending things, and you will think ... You also have questions, how to save on purchases?

It turns out that there are a lot of us with such questions. And there are answers to these questions! In addition, they are very simple. It remains only to learn to save without prejudice to their own image.

How to buy clothes and shoes sparingly

The main difficulty is that we are faced with a contradiction: I want to buy, pay a lot for the purchase - no! So, our task is to save money, but at the same time look stylish and attractive .

We are looking for a profitable place

How to make sure that shopping for everyday clothes does not empty the wallet? To begin with, let's try to pay attention not only to the familiar boutique, but also to other places of trade.

Discount Centers

A great opportunity to get hold of high-quality branded items and not spend fabulous money on them.

Reference! You can buy good shoes or clothes at such centers at a discount of up to 80%.


The clothes here are usually worn, but quite presentable. Often you can find things that were not in use.

The entire range presented is processed with a special tool .

Important! Discounts for casual wear here can reach 90%.

The main thing is to know how to shop in such stores.

City bulletin boards

Many users, as unnecessary, try to get rid of things on various Internet sites. Here you can find narrowly targeted things that are too expensive in stores. And they are simply not being put up for sale.

Important! Each person must choose the saving option that is most suitable for himself. For those who do not bother with someone else's clothes, second-hand is convenient. The rest will suit exclusively discount centers.

Choose the right time

The benefit comes at a time when the initial price of the product decreases several times. This can be seen on fair sales, arranged systematically. As well as in discount centers where items from past collections that are not sold during the season are imported.

Seasonal sales are especially popular . At this time, products that are almost in circulation, as the season ends, are put up for sale at very “tasty” prices. Such sales make it possible to create a variety of everyday images without spending too much money.

It is noteworthy that in such stores you can find not only clothes for everyday wear, but even shoes or clothes of a certain direction . For example, office workers can choose their business suits at a great discount.

How to make a purchase without overpayment?

Shopping experts have developed several basic rules that will come in handy for us to go to the store.

  • Make a list of the necessary things . A detailed revision of the wardrobe will help identify its weaknesses.
  • Leave a credit card at home . With affordable means there is a risk of spending everything that is available. It is necessary to limit funds and buy only what is really needed at a given time.
  • Only visit your own boutiques. Think about the clothes from which stores you wear most often, which one is convenient and comfortable for you. Go to the boutiques of this particular brand - usually no more than three.
  • Do not hurry! You cannot rush during shopping. You need to carefully inspect your favorite things and try on them, looking at yourself in different mirrors and under different lighting. So you buy exactly the thing that will appeal to you.
  • Take advantage of special offers. Often chain stores arrange various sales and promotions on the base wardrobe. Usually these are T-shirts, t-shirts, stockings and underwear. Do not ignore them, buy things with profit!

Advice! Make an idea in advance about the real prices of the thing that you decided to buy. To do this, you can look at the online store or go to the "intelligence".

Buying with profit is easy! You need to be responsible for your wardrobe and keep track of promotions in famous stores . It is also worth paying attention to products made from natural, high-quality materials. Such things always look expensive and attractive.

How to save money by remaking old clothes

Do not lose your head when shopping, but still new items appear in your wardrobe not so often? Customize, it's fashionable!

If this word is not familiar to you, do not be alarmed! The process behind this name is well known to you! This is a rework! But not a simple, ordinary alteration, but a transformation with imagination, complemented by a new decor. So you, having saved on a purchase, will get not just a new product, but also a unique thing that none of your friends definitely have!

For women who know how to handle a thread and a needle, there will be no problems in creating a new wardrobe. Things can be created from outdated clothes lying in a closet.

This method is especially good for outerwear, which is quite expensive in stores during the season.

  • You can sew a stylish vest from an old fur coat and enjoy the thing for several more seasons.
  • A coat can turn into an elegant trench coat.
  • A leather coat will become a fashionable “leather jacket”.

Conversion Methods

Everyday things can also be altered, making them an entirely new model that will bring freshness and novelty to the image.

To shorten the skirt, to pick up a jacket or shirt along the waist line, to increase the neckline on the jumper is easy. And if you add colors using acrylic paints, use beads or buttons, supplement the product with fabric appliqué or manual lace ... The result will be a renewal of the wardrobe, good mood and a charming look.