How to restore the softness of terry towels

Has it ever happened that after washing towels become more rigid? You can avoid such troubles if you know a few rules for the care of a terry towel.

How to restore the softness of terry towels

Even if you adhere to all the rules, then after a while it will become rigid, this can not be avoided. After that, I want to replace it with a new one. But how long will the next bath towel last? But do not rush, maybe the old one will be able to give the proper look, you just need to know what to do.

Remember! It is necessary to wash such products exclusively with a liquid product. It is washed much easier, due to which the towel remains soft and pleasant to the body longer.

In no case should you boil a bath towel. After such a procedure, it will become even tougher. Do not wash these items in the “water saving” mode.

Why towels get stiff

Often the reason that towels quickly lose their appearance is poor water, drying, and even storage. For such a material, it is necessary to select a product with a more gentle composition. Dry laundry detergent is poorly washed and clogs the material.

Washing in water over 40 degrees, poor rinsing, ironing - all this negatively affects the pile of the canvas. Boiling, digesting and drying near the battery is also strongly discouraged.

Poor quality towels after the first wash may lose color, stretch out, become coarse. That is why, when buying another product, give preference to a trusted manufacturer.

Hard water is another reason that makes things unpleasant to the touch, and this applies not only to towels. Water contains heavy substances that accumulate on linen. That is why we recommend the use of emollients during washing.

How to restore softness - 5 ways

  1. You can restore the softness of things with ordinary table salt. To do this, dilute 50 grams of salt in 4 cups of water. Soak for 60 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry. And in order to keep things soft and pleasant to the touch, put one tablespoon of salt instead of conditioner. Such a simple way can easily replace an expensive air conditioner for clothes.
  2. If things have become harsh due to washing, then soak them in cold water for several hours. After that, things are rinsed and dried again.
  3. Grind table salt, add during washing with detergent. Salt will act as an emollient for water, moreover, due to salt, the thing will be better rinsed.
  4. A great alternative to salt is soda. It is also added along with detergent during washing. Soda will help soften water, get rid of unpleasant odors, and remove old spots.
  5. If the water is too hard, you can add a light solution of vinegar during washing. To do this, while rinsing, add 100 milliliters of acetic acid to the water. Then rinse the product again.

How to keep soft when washing

In order for towels to remain intact for a long time, it is necessary not only to wash them correctly, but also to store them. Launched towels do not need to be twisted abundantly! If you did not use salt during washing, then hold the terry product in salted water for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly again.

Towels should be dried in the unfolded state, it is better if in a ventilated place, but not under the sun itself. Dry only in a natural way, away from heaters. Bath towels do not need to be ironed.

A few recommendations to help keep the towels intact:

  1. Use only liquid detergents for washing, and add salt, acetic acid or soda. Remember emollients! Purchase detergents that are phosphate-free. When choosing a rinse, give preference to means with silicone, due to which the product retains “fluffiness”.
  2. Always rinse the items again so that no detergents remain on the sheet. If you wash it with your hands, then three rinses will be enough.
  3. Do not dry products in the apartment if you have dry air. This material needs moist air. It is recommended to hang products horizontally, because, in a vertical position, they can be stretched.
  4. It is not recommended to set more than 40 degrees during washing.
  5. Do not wring strongly!
  6. During washing, do not stuff the machine with things, at least the third part of the drum should be empty. In order to beat a little pile of towels, you can add tennis balls.