How to replace heeled shoes in evening dress

Preparing for the festive event is a responsible matter, especially when you think about shoes. I began to treat heels with caution, their legs have not really liked them lately. But it turns out that stilettos are not the only option. You can choose models without a heel and at the same time not only feel comfortable, but also look elegant. I studied this question in order to correctly make a replacement. I'll tell you what I found out.

What flat shoes can be worn with an evening outfit

Ideally, when a woman has a long dress, and the shoes are not visible to others. If you still want to focus on her, it is better to wear shoes without a heel, decorated with rhinestones, or varnish ballet shoes.

An elegant and feminine look can be created without heels. The evening outfit is beautifully combined with shoes with a small heel, models with a narrowed toe . The latter option will give the woman even more elegance.

With an evening gown on the floor , ballet flats, flat sandals will look great .

Advice! Shoes need to choose low-key shades or in color along.

As an alternative, you can wear wedge shoes, it is more comfortable than heels.

Slippers are in perfect harmony with midi length products.

Classic cut models are combined with flat shoes. Low-speed boats made of patent leather perfectly complement the cocktail dress.

If a girl is invited to a theme party or decides to dress in a sports style, then shoes, sneakers, slip-on shoes, moccasins or sneakers should be chosen.

Important! Sports shoes should be neat, without bulky items. Modesty in this outfit is the main rule.

In winter or autumn, you can wear boots with laces on a flat sole, high "soldier" boots at low speed, ankle boots with a small heel (1-2 cm).

How to combine an evening outfit with flat shoes

Before choosing an outfit, you need to consider its combination with shoes.

We select the best combinations

If a woman prefers to wear shoes with a very small heel or on a flat sole, then it is recommended to try on a dress of a simple style . The main thing is that it should not be unnecessarily decorated, decorated items do not combine with simple ballet shoes.

A perfect bow will create a combination of a dress in the Greek style with high waist and ballet shoes . The second option is to wear open sandals with long straps that tie around your legs.

Important! It is recommended to wear evening low-heeled shoes with dresses in the Empire style or with a full skirt to the knee.

  • If the young lady decided to wear a dress with a long sleeve, then it can be combined with different styles of shoes. Open flat sandals are perfect for light, flowing outfits. Strict ballet flats and slip-ons are in harmony with the product sewn from dense fabric.

Advice! At the party, you can create an unexpected look - put on a lace short dress, and choose coarse shoes as shoes. Such a bow is based on contrasts. The girl will attract attention.

  • If a lady wants to wear sneakers, moccasins, boots or sneakers, then you should choose an oversized dress . Such clothes are better than any other combined with flat shoes .

  • In winter, an evening dress can be worn with boots or boots on a flat stroke.

Color harmony

  • If the young lady chose ballet shoes along with the evening dress , then they need to be matched to the color of the dress . Then the legs will visually appear longer. The product and shoes should differ by 1-2 tones or be the same color.
  • A woman can create an ensemble in one or several colors, which will be slightly different in saturation. A brown dress is suitable for beige ballet shoes. Blue low-heeled shoes harmonize well with a blue outfit.
  • You can also wear a dress that matches the shade of the shoe .

Important! The shade of the selected shoes should be suitable for the main outfit. If the shoes are pink, then they pick up white clothes. A black sports dress is put on to the red slip-ons.

Color errors

Stylists highly recommend not creating an image of two complementary shades .

Incompatible combinations:

  • beige boots and pink outfit;
  • red slip-ons and a green dress;
  • blue with orange;
  • yellow with purple.

This does not mean that in other images these colors do not combine at all or make the outfit tasteless. Combinations reinforce each other. For example, an orange dress will highlight blue shoes.

Important! When creating an image, it is worth focusing either on a dress or on shoes.

As you can see, designers and stylists have long disproved the stereotype that for evening wear you need to pick up shoes with heels. Now you know how to look elegant in shoes that deliver maximum comfort.