How to remove scratches from leatherette

Each of us wants to use the usual and practical thing as long as possible. Leatherette products are popular due to their relatively low cost and comfortable use.

Unfortunately, things are not durable: it happens that scuffs were imperceptibly formed on your favorite bag or the sofa was attacked by a pet. Do not rush to mask scratches with all the means at hand! Cuts can be of various depths and widths.

If you do not carefully approach the issue of repair, there is a risk of making the scratch even deeper or more noticeable. It would be unpleasant to part with an expensive thing or give it an even more incorrect appearance. Also, you should pay attention to the repair as soon as you notice damage. The material easily dorvitsya, rub - if you do not pay attention to it in time.

How to remove scratches from a sofa

Liquid skin

In any hardware or construction store, you can certainly find a tube with "Liquid Skin". This tool is best suited for fairly expensive or relatively new products and will be most effective.

Do not forget to thoroughly clean the damaged surface from small debris for the best effect.

After application, let the agent dry. When dried, the product will become absolutely indistinguishable in color from the entire product.

Permanent marker

Thoroughly clean the surface from contamination with a damp cloth, allow the product to dry. Pick up a permanent marker exactly the color of your sofa. If you are not sure, then it is better to try first on a piece of paper, but rather on a piece of leatherette behind the sofa. Carefully circle the scratches and allow the marker to dry. After a while, check whether the scratches were well painted, if not, repeat the procedure.

Spray paints

The peculiarity of applying aerosols is that previously the leatherette must be very well dried and degreased. Further, as in the case of the marker, it is better to check the effect on a less visible part of the product. The spray should be sprayed evenly onto the surface of the damage.

Attention! Wear gloves while you work, and do not spray near your face.

Avoid painting healthy areas of the sofa, use a dry sponge to remove smudges on the product. After application, let the area of ​​the sofa dry, if necessary, repeat the application again.

Nail polish

You can use the improvised tool - transparent nail polish. Clean up the damaged area and carefully apply a varnish to the damaged area with a brush.

After drying, if you are not satisfied with the result, repeat the application. It is worth noting that with this type of repair, a slightly noticeable transparent crust remains, which is not very convenient if the sofa was scratched at the site of the leatherette bend.

For restoration of the sofa with very small scuffs, you can use the usual shoe polish. Only, again, strictly in the color of the product and completely cleaning the surface from water and dust. You can solder the crack with a soldering iron if the cut distance is very small. It is necessary to check the product in advance for a reaction to the soldering iron and approach the process very carefully, otherwise it will turn out not a scratch, but a hole.

How to remove scratches on a leatherette bag

Damage to the couch is less noticeable, agree. But when the abrasion or scratch formed on your favorite bag - it is worth taking the matter more carefully. It's no secret that an old bag is always more convenient than a new one, if you do not want to part with a convenient thing - here are a couple of tips for restoration.

To begin with, prepare the product. The bag must be cleaned and washed. After water procedures, the goats are deformed, so an easy wet cleaning should be done.

Moisten a cotton pad in alcohol and wipe the product with it. You can also just use a soft cloth or wet wipes. Thoroughly clean the area of ​​scuffs or scratches with wet cleaning. Let the bag dry naturally.

Product repair will consist in disguising the defect as naturally as possible.

You need to understand the nature of the problem. If the bag has formed very small scratches and your bag is light shades or black, then it is better to fix the problem with clear nail polish. It should be carefully applied to the scratch and allowed to dry. It should be noted that it is better to restore in this way not very bending areas, otherwise cracks will form.

Minor scratches can also be corrected with a permanent marker. This method will be convenient for black bags and bags of the color under which there is a marker.

Attention! The color of the marker should be as naturally as possible similar to the color of the bag itself!

Apply a thin strip along the cut line on both sides. Wait for the marker to dry, and in case of a dull color, repeat the application.

For scuffs and obviously large cracks, it is better to use spray paint. To apply it, you need to dry the product as much as possible from moisture and paint over the damaged area with a thin stream. Please note that the paint should be well matched in color and the spray should not leak into entire areas during spraying.

If your favorite bag is very rubbed in some places, then there is another way. You can use decoupage napkins. They are good in that you can cut from them any pattern to your taste.

Flowers or stars will look good. The cut-out parts must be attached to a bag well cleaned of dirt and glued with special glue for decoupage. Then the surface should be varnished, it must be applied in several layers, the first of which should completely dry.

Also, you can even create a new one from the old bag. To do this, you just need to go to the hardware or needlework store. All kinds of rhinestones, stones, accessories of butterflies, flowers or insects are perfect for any bag made of leatherette. A patch on a bag with a cloth can also be a great option. Patches, scarves, large and bold stitches - improvise, because only in your hands is the appearance of your personal belongings.