How to remove rust from jeans?

Frustrated by rust spots on your favorite jeans? You do not know how to deal with them, than to remove? We will talk about this below.

Causes of stains on jeans

You can completely avoid this problem if you wear and wash clothes correctly. Usually, “rust” is the result of non-compliance with basic hygiene standards.

But there are other factors contributing to its appearance:

  • the decor of the trousers is made of inappropriate metal;
  • jeans washed with foreign metal objects;
  • forgot to pull the keys from their pockets.

Methods for removing stains from rust

Having discovered rust, you can try to remove it with the means at hand, choosing the most suitable for a particular case.

Old spots

Iron oxide is quickly fixed in the fibers of the fabric, creating a real problem for the hostess.

To facilitate washing, you can apply a whitening gel . It is used for both white and colored things :

  • apply a large amount of gel on the stain and rub well;
  • leave for a while, according to the instructions on the package;
  • rub the stain with a solution of vinegar;
  • wash in the automatic machine with the addition of stain remover.

Types of Tissues

Thick fabrics

When the jeans fabric is thick enough, don't be afraid to use acetic, tartaric or citric acid . The fabric easily, without any consequences for the structure of the threads, “survive” the chemical reaction.

The process itself is quite simple: under the influence of a reagent, rust decomposes into components and is easily removed. Moreover, these types of acids can be purchased at any store near the house. Mistresses usually take a "lemon", because it is always in the kitchen.

How to do it:

  • dilute the powder with water to make a slurry;
  • apply over the spot and let lie down;
  • heat the dirt with a hairdryer or press a hot iron through a cloth;
  • wash the jeans in the car or wash them well on the hands.

Another method for removing rust spots is with chalk and glycerin:

  • take a piece of white chalk and grind into powder;
  • in equal proportions, combine it with glycerin and water;
  • put the resulting mass on top of the stain and leave to lie for 24 hours;
  • then remove the dried crust and wash the pants in a synthetic detergent.

A great help for dense fabrics - a bath cleaner :

  • having missed the spots, wait about fifteen minutes;
  • rub the dirt intensively with a hard-bristled brush;
  • wash the item with powder and rinse well;
  • Hang to dry outdoors.


Tender matter does not tolerate aggressive powders. For her, glycerin is used, which is sold in a pharmacy :

  • it is heated with a water bath or in the microwave;
  • carefully cover them with a stain;
  • not soak and wash with detergent for dishes.

Light jeans

The hardest thing is to remove stains from the light thing. But, following the instructions, this can be achieved:

  • about half a glass of plain water add about twenty grams of granules "lemons";
  • stir well and heat to a boil;
  • the contaminated area of ​​matter is immersed in a boiling solution for five minutes (if necessary, repeat the procedure).

You can also try cleaning light jeans with Persol powder or hydrogen peroxide.


In this case, the usual lemon will be very helpful:

  • cut the fetus into eight lobules;
  • wrap one of them in gauze and press it against a rusty spot with a heated iron;
  • to achieve the desired result, repeat the procedure several times, replacing slices;
  • rinse thing in water.


The best choice is an aqueous solution of vinegar :

  • a pair of large spoons of the finished essence is poured into a glass with boiled water;
  • heated without boiling;
  • the area of ​​matter where the spot is located is placed in a hot solution for five minutes (if necessary, repeat the procedure);
  • rinse the jeans with ammonia.


In this case, the acid solution may leave white spots, ruining the fabric . A suitable option is freshly squeezed lemon juice . It is not as aggressive as acid, but quite effective in combating rust:

  • place a container of water over the fire;
  • spread a leg with a stain on top above the steam;
  • squeeze the juice from the lemon for contamination;
  • hold the steam for another five minutes;
  • rinse the item in water at room temperature.

For black tissue, you should also try toothpaste . To do this, in equal proportions mix it with edible salt and vinegar. Apply the slurry over the stain, and after five minutes wash.


Here you can not do without oxalic acid and potash :

  • take a quarter cup of each of the substances;
  • dissolve separately with water;
  • combine the resulting solutions together and add water to half a liter;
  • slightly warm the mixture and soak the dirt for about five minutes;
  • wash jeans with ammonia or soda.

Do not worry too much about spoiled jeans. There are many ways to remove rusty stains from a fabric. You just need to choose the most suitable one and show a little patience.