How to remove plasticine from trousers

Sculpting plasticine figures is a fascinating activity for little know-it-alls. Being in the creative process, they do not think about the fact that clothes get dirty, and then it is impossible to wash it off. But who thinks about it - these are mothers of babies, because often plasticine remains not only on children's clothes, but also on parental clothes - a child can throw plasticine balls during the game, which you can sit on. Clothing will be spoiled. Also, many first-graders in the school are engaged in creativity, and they can return home, ruining the school uniform with plasticine.

Important! At home, determine the baby a special place for sculpting, so that in the future do not engage in cleaning interior items.

Methods for cleaning trousers from plasticine

There are several ways to clean plasticine from pants and other clothes. First, remove the clay from the trousers. This can be done by putting the pants in the freezer. In no case do not remove plasticine before freezing, this will only allow it to penetrate deeper into the tissue, and then the process of removing the stain will become more difficult. When the plasticine hardens, it can simply be removed with something sharp, such as a knife. It is better to use the back of the knife so as not to tear the thing. After such manipulations, you can remove the stain using one of the proposed methods.


After removing the plasticine, a greasy stain will remain, on which you need to drip a little ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, and treat the place with cotton wool until the stain disappears. Rinse the item with cold water and wash as usual.

Hydrogen peroxide

Act the same way as with ammonia, but peroxide can only be used on white fabrics.

Vegetable oil

Plasticine in its composition contains paraffin, and it is he who leaves greasy spots on the trousers. Vegetable oil perfectly dissolves paraffin, but after processing the oil, go through the contaminated area with a dishwashing detergent, which in turn will wash off the oil.

Baking soda

Dilute soda with soap in hot water, soak the pants for half an hour and treat with a household brush.

Remember! Soda treatment is not suitable for synthetics, since the soap-soda solution for removing stains should be at least 60 degrees. It will just ruin a thing made of synthetic fabric.

Laundry soap

This soap contains alkali, which easily removes a greasy stain. First, grate the soap on a grater and dissolve in warm water, we get a good concentration of alkali. Soak the product for 30 minutes, after that you can once again treat the damaged area with soap and remove dirt and grease with a brush. After wash the item in normal mode.

Wool sock

You can use not only a sock, but also other things made of wool, such as a mittens. Put a sock or mitt on your hand and rub the stain actively. When rubbing, the thing will heat up, and the wool will absorb the fat remaining from the clay.


Before using this method, test it on an inconspicuous piece of clothing. If the pants have not changed color, you can safely use it! Moisten cotton or a cotton pad in kerosene and wipe the stain several times. After 20 minutes, the product can be washed in cold water separately from other clothes. Wash with air conditioning so that there is no unpleasant odor.

Stain removers

Suitable stain removers like Ace Oxi Magic, Amway Vanish, and others. Now there are a lot of them on sale. Of course, they are much more expensive than ordinary laundry soap, but the effect will be great. Read the instructions on the packaging and follow the instructions.

Important! Do not confuse stain remover with bleach! The latter may contain chlorine-containing substances in your composition, and your pants will simply lose color. Then it will definitely be impossible to wear them.

If everything is done correctly, the thing will serve you for a long time.