How to remove odors from a bag to leatherette

If you are elegantly dressed, you have a good perfume and stylish shoes, it is unlikely that a faux leather bag that stinks of fish, PVC and other chemicals will fit into your image. Such “aromas” can not only spoil the opinion of you, but also cause various ailments, for example, headaches, in others. Can I somehow cope with the smell of a leatherette product, or will I have to refuse my favorite accessory? Let's try to figure it out.

Get rid of the smell of a bag or backpack made of leatherette

The smells of leatherette items are original and acquired. The latter arise during the operation: you wore something very odorous, spilled, pets did their bit, in general - you are to blame. But the initial smell is on the conscience of the manufacturer.

Important! Of course, every thing has its own smell, including leatherette products. But bags made from quality raw materials do not smell much. And a slight smell can be caused by simple weathering or wait until it passes.

To cope with both the original and acquired odors can be, moreover, without much difficulty and at home.

Tools at hand

In any house there is salt, soda, bread, onions, vinegar, vodka, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, potassium permanganate, activated carbon. All of these products can be used to remove odors.


Salt absorbs odors well. Take it a little more, moisten a little with water to make a non-liquid gruel. Apply this slurry to the surface and leave overnight. In the morning, just shake off the salt from the product. If the smell has not completely disappeared, you can repeat the procedure again.

Activated carbon can be used in the same way. Only the bag in this case needs to be wrapped with gauze, and there is no need to make gruel, just sprinkle gauze with activated carbon powder. Of course, coal cannot be used for bags of light shades.

Important! To remove the smell, you need to use fine salt, because coarse can scratch the material.


Also a very simple and reliable way. Take some tight-fitting container in which your bag can easily fit. Put the product there and fall asleep without sparing soda. Close and leave five to seven days. After this time, take out the bag, shake and hang on the balcony aired for two days. After this procedure, the smell should completely disappear.

Important! You can sprinkle soda only on an absolutely dry bag. If it is even a little wet, be sure to dry it well.

Bread crusts

It absorbs the smells of rye bread. Put inside your bag, including all pockets, bread crusts and leave for a few days. This method is good if, nevertheless, the smell of leatherette is not too strong.


Paradoxically, the smell of onions can save you from the “aroma” of leatherette. Cut the onion arbitrarily - at least in rings, at least in small cubes, as you like. Put on a saucer or a small plate.

Cover with something with holes so that the smell passes. A colander or sieve is fine. Put a bag on top, close and leave for a day. Then send it to air.

Vinegar and Vodka

You can try to get rid of the smell with vinegar or vodka. For this, vodka is diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1, and vinegar - 1: 5. They moisten a cotton swab or disk and gently and thoroughly wipe the surface of the product. Use caution if you have a light bag.

Potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide and iodine

The potassium permanganate solution even copes with very strong odors. Make a pale pink solution and wipe the bag with it, as in the previous recipe.

To increase the effect, peroxide can be added to the potassium permanganate solution. To do this, take a glass of a weak solution of potassium permanganate (only two crystals are enough), add three teaspoons of three percent hydrogen peroxide to it, stir and wipe the product.

Dissolve 15 drops of iodine in a liter of water, wipe the product with the resulting solution.

Important! For light bags, this method is definitely not suitable. And on the rest, these solutions can leave spots. So first, wet some inconspicuous part of the bag and wait until it dries. If there are no spots - you can use.


To eliminate a slight odor both outside and inside the bag, fragrances will help you.


You can use ready-made sachets, or you can make them yourself - this is completely easy. Sew small fabric bags.

It is preferable to use flax for these purposes, but gauze folded in several layers can also be used. In a bag, put a piece of cotton wool, on which drip two - three drops of your favorite essential oil. Citrus aromas are best suited to combat the odor of leatherette. Tie the bag tightly - the sachet is ready. Put it inside the bag.


To eliminate unpleasant odors, you can use lemon. Lemon juice diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3 is wiped in the same way as described above with vinegar and vodka.

Lemon peels can be placed in homemade sachets. Also, lemon peels (white part) can wipe the bag from the outside. By the way, this method is also applicable to light bags.


For bags with a dark lining, you can try to eliminate the unpleasant odor with coffee. For these purposes, only ground coffee is needed. Pour it into the product and leave it overnight, and shake it carefully in the morning.

Wash & Weather

If the manufacturer has indicated that it can be washed, feel free to wash it, only clearly following all the washing instructions. Do not forget to turn the bag inside out and put it in a special bag, it is also better to use not powder but gel.

If it is indicated that the product cannot be washed, but you certainly want to do it, use a soap solution with ammonia. Take a tablespoon of liquid soap per liter of water, beat until foamy, add a tablespoon of ammonia, mix. Wash the bag with the resulting solution and dry well.

If the smell is not very strong, then simple weathering will help to cope with it. Hang your bag on the balcony for a few days. This method works especially well in cool and windy weather. But do not forget that leatherette does not tolerate severe frosts.

Important! When using the aromatization method, remember the compatibility of aromas. If the smell of leatherette your bag is made of is too harsh and chemical, mixing it with flavorings can make it generally nauseous.

Important Nuances in Odor Removal

When removing the smell from a leatherette bag, follow the mandatory rules:

  • study the manufacturer's information regarding washing and cleaning the product;
  • choosing a method of combating odor, conform to its intensity;
  • choose a method, taking into account the color of your bag and its lining;
  • try the cleaner first on an inconspicuous surface.

And yet, as always, it’s better not to allow the problem than to deal with it later. Therefore, buy only high-quality things, and when buying, not only check the quality of the product, but also ... sniff it. If the smell is very strong, decide for yourself - do you really need this bag?