How to remove a greasy stain from leather shoes?

The appearance of a greasy stain, like any other, on leather things or shoes is a rather unpleasant phenomenon. Moreover, it is not always possible to remove it efficiently without damaging the surface. When there are no special cleaners on hand, it is permissible to use those available in your home. About how to remove stains with them, and we will talk in this article.

Features of working with skin

Before applying this or that substance, it is necessary to test its effect on the material from the inside of the boot. And only after making sure of complete safety, boldly proceed with cleaning. When working with professional cleansers purchased at the store, carefully read the manufacturer's instructions. The fresher the stain, the easier it is to remove it before it has time to soak into the deeper layers of the skin.

Preparing shoes for processing

Starting the process, put your shoes in order. It should not have traces of dirt or dust. We recommend to dry very wet or wet, without resorting to the help of heating appliances and heaters. Since, otherwise, it can lead to its deformation.

Ways to remove grease stains from leather shoes

They are divided into two types:

  1. means popular with the population available in every home;
  2. Chemical liquids are abundant in retail outlets.

The first view is the most affordable and cheapest, and from it we will begin the review.

Folk compositions

Before trying one of the methods below, moisten the stain with any fat-soluble dishwashing detergent . Perhaps this will be quite enough to get a positive result.

  • Talc, starch, chalk, baby powder are excellent for absorbing oil stains. Apply powder to the contamination, after half an hour remove it with a soft cloth.
  • Lemon juice has a fat-soluble effect, more precisely, gives fats a water-soluble effect, as a result of which they are easy to remove from a smooth surface of the skin with a wet sponge. At the same time, its physical qualities and color are perfectly preserved.
  • A mixture of laundry soap and gasoline in equal proportions helps to eliminate even old, stubborn oil stains. After treating the area to be cleaned, immediately wipe it with a damp cloth, as the soap dries the skin very much and causes it to crack.
  • A teaspoon of soda dissolved in a glass of water will also help to quickly fix the problem.

Professional methods

When none of the methods gave the desired effect or expensive shoes made of premium materials, such as stingray leather, reptiles, ostriches, which require a delicate approach, you will have to turn to dry cleaning services.

It is possible to remove with special preparations purchased in the retail network, for example, LeTech Leather Degreaser, KERALUX Degreaser Spray, which absorb fats, oils, dyes, sebum, on any kind of smooth skin. But their cost is not entirely acceptable for a larger population.

How not to spoil the shoes?

Starting the manipulation of leather products, it is necessary to take into account several nuances:

  • It is not recommended to use vigorous mechanical effects in the areas of contamination, such as scraping with sharp or scratching objects;
  • in no case are soaking in water or washing items made of genuine leather;
  • carefully remove soda or salt from the surface, because, having abrasive properties, they can damage the upper layers;
  • After each product, be sure to wipe the surface with a damp and then dry cloth, do not leave them for a long time. Their aggressive effect can have a destructive effect on the composition of the material;
  • Be careful with solvents or ethyl alcohol, they can change the color of the product and damage the structure.

When the desired result is obtained, treat the shoes with a nourishing and water-repellent spray . We hope our tips will be useful for you and help to keep your favorite pair of shoes for a longer time.