How to remove creases on a leather bag

The most common and high-quality material for making bags is traditionally leather. Such products look beautiful, have durability and, due to their quality, can last a long time. But unfortunately, the owners of these wonderful things often encounter some problems related mainly to the rules of storage and operation.

IMPORTANT! Real skin requires special care and adherence to special storage rules.

The most common problem is the occurrence of creases or bends . In general, they do not change the quality and durability of the bag. But they make her appearance not so attractive and give the impression of bruising.

In our article, we will talk about simple ways to help remove creases on a leather bag.

Available methods for removing creases

In everyday practice, various improvised tools are used to remove creases. Since there is no special production equipment at home, you will have to use the available means. These include such methods.

  • Ironing.
  • Giving shape by gravity.
  • Special steam baths for the product.
  • Using special skin softeners, which can be purchased in stores.

Each of the methods has its own effect. To achieve an effective result, it is better to combine several options at once. However, do not overdo it, otherwise you can ruin the product. We will tell you more about each of these methods.


The first and easiest way to remove creases is to soften under the influence of heat and steam . It is quite simple to perform. To do this, it is not necessary to use steamers and spend money on expensive equipment. You will need a hot water tank, a cargo weighing 1.5 kg and time for smoothing.

  • Fill a vessel or bath with hot water.
  • Put the load in the bag. It is advisable to evenly fill them with all the space so that it does not pull only one edge.
  • For convenience, you can hang the product on a hook or stick over a container of water. After some time, you will get the desired result.

During the process, a large amount of moisture may condense on the skin. It should be removed with a dry cloth.

IMPORTANT! Absorption of liquid into the pores of a leather product must not be allowed. This can lead to its further destruction.

With an iron

An ordinary household iron can also smooth the bag. This is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind. There is no need to invent anything here, but still the rule of work is worth considering.

When processing a leather product, direct contact with the surface of the iron must not be allowed, otherwise this will damage the material.

  • Take a steam generator built into the iron over the surface of the bag.
  • Steam the inside as well.
  • You can iron the fabric from the inside.

IMPORTANT! When working with the iron, it is necessary to set the mode to the minimum, as for silk or wool, and cover the bag with gauze cloth in 2-3 layers.

All liquid generated from exposure to steam must be removed immediately and not allowed to enter the deeper layers.


In the case when these methods did not help, you can resort to the use of special softeners. Of course, many people think that they harm the product and spoil it. But in our time , special compounds have been developed that have a beneficial effect on the skin and do not harm it . You can ask for such compounds in special stores that sell genuine leather products.

You can also use improvised means that replace expensive cream and spray. These include oils, petroleum jelly glycine, glycerin .

  • Prepare a cream or emulsion from any substance and apply evenly on the bag.
  • In addition, put the load inside and let the product hang.
  • After some time, the product will return to its original form.

How to prevent creases

The best measure of protection against creases at home is their proper prevention. In most cases, they appear due to improper storage and excesses that occur under the weight of other things in the closet.

  • If a thing is dear to you and you want to prevent it from wearing out, carefully place a leather bag without bending them and cluttering other things.
  • The best option is if you hang them on a hook or a special bar.
  • Inside, you can put paper, cotton or other filler to maintain shape.