How to remove blood stains from a towel

It is not so difficult to remove a stain of dirt from clothes, like a stain of blood. But no matter how complicated this trouble is and it can be solved. It does not seem that someone wants to get rid of his beloved thing only because traces of blood appeared on it.

If you have a similar problem, try to solve it. Especially considering that at present, a sufficient number of methods have been devised to remove traces of blood on clothing.

The complexity of removing such contaminants depends on how long they appeared. And an unsuccessful attempt to remove them can complicate the procedure.

If you don’t have a great desire to look like a vampire from Brem Stoker's movie, covered in terrible traces of blood, then it's time to deal with this issue once and for all!

How to remove a fresh blood stain

It should be remembered that traces of fresh blood need to be soaked with cold water, but old ones - on the contrary, in warm. Blood is a protein that has coagulated, and hot water will not help at all, it will only worsen the situation, leaving red stains on the surface. These stains can no longer be removed. Excessively cold water will also not be able to remove stained spots.

The main rules of washing and what you can not do

Removing a fresh bloody trail is not particularly difficult; it can be removed by almost any of the means at hand: it can be easily removed with laundry soap and any washing powder.

The first way. Handwash

  • Initially, blot the stain with a material that absorbs moisture well. In no case should you try to wipe the contaminated area. From this, blood particles penetrate even more into the fiber of the tissue and the spot area will become much wider.
  • Rinse the contaminated surface under the pressure of cold water.
  • If after washing in cold water, the contamination is not removed, then rub it with soap and soak in cold water. Soak should be no less than thirty minutes. This soaking can be repeated repeatedly, changing the water from dirty to clean and cold.
  • Rinse thoroughly after all procedures.

The second way. Automatic wash

Rinse and soak in the same way as with a hand wash.

We choose the right temperature: it should not be more than 40 degrees.

Once the wash is complete, rinse by hand.

How to remove a dried blood stain

Features of such spots

Blood is protein. An old blood stain is a protein that has long been curled. He has already absorbed into the fiber of the fabric and has no particular desire to leave from there. Old-fashioned laundry and laundry soap, most likely will not give a special result. You will most likely get rid of brown spots, and yellow ones will most likely remain.

Despite the fact that the stain is already quite old, it does not need to be sprinkled with hot water. From this, the protein will finally curl up and the thing will already be definitely ruined. But cold water does not work here either.

All procedures should be carried out in water with a comfortable temperature. Our task is to break down protein. There are several options that work efficiently.

Withdrawal agents

Boric acid. We dilute one spoonful of powder in 200 milliliters of water, here you also need to add a spoonful of ammonia. After that, we moisten the stain with the resulting mixture and carefully wipe until we achieve the desired result. After the procedure, you need to wash the laundry.

Papain. This powder has a white color and is used to soften meat. You can find it in the departments with spices and seasonings. The mixture is diluted with warm water until a liquid, porridge-like substance is obtained. The stain is thoroughly soaked with this mixture. The linen is left in this form until the trace of blood disappears. After that it is necessary to wash.

Hydrogen peroxide. Pour the liquid directly onto the bloody trail. The foam begins with a characteristic hissing sound. We remove the resulting foam and add peroxide. The procedure is repeated until the dirty area disappears completely. Then we erase in the usual way.

The main thing is not to forget the rule. Before using any non-proven stain remover, check it on a small piece of cloth.

Washing rules

Before you start to wash a towel with old traces of blood, you must treat it with any of the above methods. Processing should be carried out until the spots cease to be visually noticeable. And only after that you can start washing clothes manually or in a washing machine. The main thing is to comply with the temperature regime. Water temperature should not be higher than forty degrees. Otherwise, a protein that could remain in the fibers of the material will appear and make itself felt.