How to reduce blouse size

Clothing on the modern market is made without observing the standards of size and quality. Focusing on the choice of external decoration and decoration, the perfect fit of the sizes in the figure goes by the wayside.

After trying on a new thing at home, the question arises of altering it and fitting it to a figure. It is always possible to fit a blouse that is a bit large. It is usually necessary to spend several hours on its alteration.

Materials and tools that will be needed for work

To change the blouse for a figure, you will need several sewing tools:

  • sewing machine;
  • threads
  • pattern;
  • crayon, needles (pins);
  • scissors.

Before starting work, you should familiarize yourself with the material of the blouse. Woolen products may shrink during washing, therefore, first carries out such manipulation.

Maybe altering and not needed. Materials that are not subject to shrinkage can be reduced by dissolving the sleeve and subsequent stitching.

The cotton blouse can simply be washed at a temperature of 60 °. Then use the drying function, iron the product. The fitting will show the correspondence of the desired parameters. Cotton items sit down while ironing in steaming mode.

Denim products are reduced in the process of wearing. To fix the effect of reducing it is worth washing them in warm water.

A blouse made of delicate silk will sit down easily after washing by hand in warm water. A sweater made of polyester will be reduced in cold water.

For those who are easy to handle with a sewing machine, the option of reducing any product is altering, suturing.

What details of the blouse will have to be reworked to reduce its size (side seam, tucks, button sewing)

Depending on the reason for reducing the blouse, there are several options for sewing operations:

  • Reducing blouses due to changes in the side seam. To do this, you need to designate the place of suturing manually, measure. If all sizes are perfect, we are transgressing the final operation on a sewing machine.
  • The size of the fabric product can be reduced due to tucks. Two sizes will be able to leave freely in the cross.
  • If the products are buttons, the process of finding a place for altering is simplified. To reduce the size of the blouse, you only need to alter the row with buttons.

Options for making a blouse smaller

It is very easy to get rid of extra centimeters in a blouse. The details of the suturing depend on whether the one-piece product or not.

How to sew a blouse along the side seam

Sewing blouses on the side seam is performed step by step and in strict sequence:

  1. sewing can be done by removing 2 cm from each side;
  2. for boarding the sleeve, it evaporates;
  3. the armhole on the front and then on the back is further deepened;
  4. sleeves are blown into a blouse;
  5. twist the length also by two centimeters.

Due to tucks or additional tucks on the back

To make the blouse look perfectly perfect, you need to have good skills in sewing and designing clothes. Perfect if you know how to work with tucks. To improve the blouses, you can use additional pinches in the back.

In which case is it better to entrust the alteration to a professional

Skilled craftswomen independently cope with any detail of sewing a standard garment. The blouse for them is an easy material to work due to the performance of several simple operations with a needle and a sewing machine.

If there is no firm confidence in your skills, then to guarantee a result without throwing things away, it is better to contact professionals. They will do all the work quickly and efficiently.