How to quickly clean your sock drawer

A familiar situation: you are in a hurry or you are late and every minute counts and ... bang! And from a pair of socks one was found, and the second was stocked. What to do? How not to fall into such situations?

We iron washed dresses or suits, carefully hang them on our shoulders and put them in a wardrobe. Socks are often simply sent to a chest of drawers or to a cabinet shelf and forget about them. And then we spend a lot of time searching for paired products. But after all, our socks are an important subject in our wardrobe. They give comfort to our legs when wearing shoes, warm them.

Therefore, the conclusion is simple: so that things are not lost, keep them in order. Even if they are just a small wardrobe item.

We’ll tell you what tricks to apply in order to quickly put things in order with socks, and their storage was convenient.

How to fold storage socks

To socks were sorted and not lost, they need to be folded correctly. At the same time, it is important to find such methods that allow you not to spend a lot of time on this process.

The most convenient options for folding socks are such methods.


Pretty easy option .

  • Take socks. We impose one on another, twist into a roll. We remove in a special box, container or organizer.

  • You can insert them into each other, so the pair certainly will not be lost. And then twist the roll.
  • Another option. If there are staples before twisting, the socks can be joined together.


With this method of product folding, it is not necessary to store in cells or boxes .

  • Fold a toe pair in a pile. We begin to turn into a tube from the side of the toe.
  • Going to the elastic, throw one sock on the other.

It turns out quite a solid design, in shape resembling a lump or ball.

Help It is convenient to fold thin or small socks, for example, children's products, in a ball.

By con marie

This is the Japanese version of storing things in the closet . The author of the book “Magic Cleaning” believes that the problem of saving space is solved by the correct and ergonomic arrangement of clothes.

Fold a couple several times and put “on the edge” during storage . You will be surprised, but things folded in this way do not take up much space.

There are more sophisticated Japanese options that provide compact storage.

  • Put the socks on the lap.
  • Place the ends of the lower product alternately on the upper.
  • Then repeat these steps with the second toe.
  • Pull the part with the elastic over the structure, thereby securing it.

The method takes more time than described above. But you will have the perfect order on the shelves in the wardrobe. Socks will delight you in even rows, and you can easily find the necessary.

The easiest

Instead of twisting or rolling, grab a pair and fold in half. For reliability, repeat the procedure again.

Ways to store socks in a chest of drawers

We sorted out the folding options, but it is important to correctly and correctly organize the storage space.

Firstly, each category of things should have its own designated place . Then you will not spend much time searching for the necessary one.

Secondly, among the sorted products folded into the boxes, you can easily find the right pair.

Openwork, bright, bodily, colored, dense, terry products delight the eye, give warmth. Take some time and make (you can do it yourself) containers for their storage.

Options for organizing space in the box

  • Empty cardboard boxes can be a good and convenient box for your laundry . Each family member can be allocated in its box. Previously, they can be decorated to your liking. Put them on a shelf, they won’t take up much space, but it’s convenient to get them, and all things are in place.

  • Products rolled up into a roll can be placed in a decorative basket : both convenient and stylish.
  • In trays of fabric or plastic with dividers twisted by rolls, glomeruli, the products fit well.

  • Another way to arrange a place for socks is with transparent bags or bags with zip fasteners . Sign them and the time to find the right thing will decrease significantly.

  • On the furniture market there are chests of drawers, cabinets, in the drawers of which compartments for hosiery are already integrated.
  • If there are no cells, you can make them yourself. Plastic dividers are especially convenient.
  • Store socks folded on a barrel or rib . This option saves space.
  • Not enough space in the drawer of the wardrobe? The stores have a large selection of ready-made hanging organizers. They can be hung on the cabinet doors from the inside. In such pockets, socks fit perfectly, and space is saved.

Tip . Thick seasonal socks, which take up a lot of space, you can store them in the same seasonal shoes.

Fold or twist them and place them in winter or autumn boots. Colds came, took out shoes, and socks were already at hand.

In general, there are many storage options for socks! Use any of them, and your closet will be in order, and socks will always be paired !.