How to put a cover on a suitcase?

Traveling and business trips are an integral part of the life of a large number of people. Those who travel by plane know very well how difficult it is to find your suitcase on the luggage belt among many similar ones. In this case, a cover can become an assistant.

It will not only allow you to quickly recognize your bag, but also protect it from dirt, scuffs and will save money on the constant winding of a suitcase at the airport . In case of lightning breakage during transportation, things will be additionally covered with a cover, which will prevent them from scattering.

Have I bought the cover right?

If you decide to purchase a cover, then the most convenient solution will be to combine its purchase with the purchase of the suitcase itself . In this case, right in the store you can put it on the selected bag. But if you already have a suitcase, and it fully suits you, then there is no point in wasting money again. Just choose an accessory that fits your size and design.

Pre-measure your suitcase at home with a ruler or tape. More often than not, only one measurement is needed - height, since usually the dimensions of the product vary depending on it . However, just in case, measure the width: some manufacturers take it into account when manufacturing different models of covers.

The specific sizes of all sellers are different. They can be indicated simply in centimeters, can be in an alphabetic image (for example, S-XL), or they can be called “small”, “medium” or “large”. The approximate dimensions of the case are as follows:

  • S - for a small suitcase whose height does not exceed 45–56 cm;
  • M - suitable for luggage with dimensions of about 58–65 cm;
  • L - for a large travel accessory above 65 cm;
  • XL - in case your suitcase reaches 80 cm and above.

Try to choose a suitable size case. An improperly sized accessory will not only look ugly, but will also fulfill its protective functions. Too big a cover will get stuck in wheels and slow down the course.

What if it is more or less?

If you nevertheless bought a case too large, then you can try to alter it exactly to the size of your baggage. To do this, you will need:

  • needle with thread;
  • safety pins;
  • sewing machine;
  • crayon or fading marker for tissue.

Turn the cover inside out, pull it on the suitcase and use the pins to pick up the excess fabric on the sides and top. If desired, you can notice the missing grooves in the upper corners, so that the accessory fits perfectly in the model of the suitcase . Notice the entire cover along the marked lines and try again (leave large allowances in case it will fit poorly). If the result persists, sew all the seams on the sewing machine. Do not forget about the valve, which is unfastened below the wheels. If you shortened its length, then sew the linden or zipper again.

If you bought a case less than necessary, do not worry immediately. Cases are made of elastic fabrics such as stretch, supplex and spandex, so they stretch well even on suitcases of slightly larger dimensions. If the cover is so small that it is not possible to put it on the suitcase, then you can try to put strips of stretching material of a suitable or contrasting color from below or on the sides .

Step-by-step instructions on how to put it on a suitcase

A suitcase cover should be worn when you have fully packed and fastened your luggage. If you have a combination lock, first use it, and then proceed to pull the cover . You will need to perform the following steps:

  • put the suitcase exactly on the wheels and look on which side it has the side handle;
  • expand the case and see which side to put on: the hole for the handle should coincide with the handle on the side of the bag;
  • starting from the top pull the cover from the upper retractable handle to the very wheels;
  • stretch the elastic between the wheels (if it is on your model) and fasten a fabric valve with a zipper, buttons or linden over it;
  • adjust all openings for existing handles. Everything is ready!

How to understand that the cover is worn correctly?

After you “dressed up” your luggage bag, you need to make sure that the case is correctly worn. Ideally, all handles should peek out through the holes . Try holding or pulling them out. Also check that the fabric does not find on the wheels, otherwise it may interfere with the movement and tear when moving.