How to pack a towel in gift paper?

According to signs, giving a towel is not a good solution. It is assumed that having received such a household accessory as a gift, a person will lose their well-being and discord and separation will begin in the family. But today, most people do not pay attention to signs and willingly give each other a variety of accessories for the bathroom and bath with original designs and ornaments, as well as simple monophonic models.

A towel as a gift - to give or not?

Before deciding on a gift, one should clarify the opinion of the hero of the occasion. If a person is superstitious, then you should refuse such a gift. He will undoubtedly not be delighted with such a present and will be wary of the donor.

If a person is calm about superstitions, it is better to choose beautiful gift models with original ornaments or interesting drawings. This will make the present individual and memorable.

If the hero of the occasion is calm about superstitions and does not believe in predictions, you can safely go to the store to get a beautiful towel. However, such a gift is not presented simply in a gift bag or in open form. The product must be beautifully packaged and correctly presented to make the present successful.

How to wrap a towel in a gift paper for a woman?

The most common gift wrapping options for the fair sex are:

  • cakes, pastries, rolls;
  • Stuffed Toys;
  • hearts.

From a towel and gift paper you can form a big candy. To do this, the gift is folded into a tight roll and laid on holiday paper. Then the towel is wrapped in paper, and the free ends are fastened with elastic bands, leaving “tails”. It turns out a huge beautiful “candy”.

You can put a greeting card in the resulting bag or fasten it to the edge of the “candy”.

Specialists suggest to pack soft toys and cakes in cardboard boxes, and then use gift paper. A cake or roll is twisted from several towels, decorating with artificial flowers, berries and satin ribbons. Then the resulting figure is placed in a dense box.

Properly laying the resulting product, it is closed and the box is laid on gift paper. It remains only to wrap the gift, securing the edges of the paper with duct tape and attach a lush bow. Such a gift will certainly be a pleasant surprise for the hero of the occasion.

Pack a towel in a gift box for a man

For men, more concise and simple packaging options are used. You can also use a cardboard box to stiffen. Then it is wrapped in gift paper and a beautiful bow is fixed or tied with a ribbon.

You can simply wrap a towel twisted into a roll into paper for the holidays and beautifully bandage it with a satin ribbon. A man will appreciate the efforts of the donor. The use of various containers for packing towels in the form of boxes without a lid, baskets and other accessories is especially important.

Tightly-rolled towels are placed in a basket and packaged in transparent paper. From above everything is tied with a gold ribbon. The gift is completely ready to go into the hands of the hero of the occasion.

Giving gifts is a real art. Properly choosing a present is only half the battle. You also need to pack it beautifully in a container or paper, and then present it so that a person is surprised and delighted with the chosen product. To do this, make every effort and turn on your imagination at full capacity.