How to pack things compactly in a suitcase

Packing your luggage compactly before your trip is no easy task. To rationally use the space in the suitcase and put everything you need, it is important to know the general rules. Next, we will consider the main recommendations and ways of packing different things so that everything fits in a bag.

General recommendations on how to pack your bags carefully

Before you start baggage collection, it is important to make a list of all the necessary things before traveling. It is recommended to exclude all unnecessary and prepare only what is necessary. Ways of packing in a travel bag and a large suitcase will not differ.

Important! The basic principle of collecting things is to protect fragile items and not to wrinkle clothes.

You need to assemble the bag on the plane responsibly, because There is a list of items prohibited to fly. It is unacceptable to take with you on board: combustible materials, substances compressed into a balloon, poisonous and other dangerous objects. On the airline’s website you can see the entire list.

General packing tips:

  • Before collecting, you need to put all things next to the suitcase and think several times what you can leave at home. From clothes it is recommended to choose two sets of "exit", which can be combined with each other;
  • It is recommended to study the weather in the near future at the place of temporary stay in order to prepare the necessary shoes and clothes. For all occasions, collecting things makes no sense;
  • All heavy items must be placed at the bottom of the bag. It is recommended to wrap fragile products several times in the packaging film and place them also at the very bottom;
  • The next layer needs to be carefully laid wrinkled clothes. What can be stroked - stacked freely in any place of the suitcase. All necessities need to be placed on top of the public domain;
  • Voluminous jackets, down jackets or blankets must first be put in a vacuum bag. In this case, you can save space in your luggage. Packages can be found at any hardware store;
  • In the first-aid kit, it is important to collect only the necessary drugs. Packaging preferably in a cosmetic bag or plastic container. If space does not allow, then we place the medicine in hand luggage or between layers of clothing;
  • So that shoes and shoes do not deteriorate during the journey, you can put crumpled newspaper or folded socks in them;
  • Aircraft care tubes may not withstand pressure drops and deteriorate. It is advisable to choose cosmetics in reliable packaging, and for reliability it is recommended to place them in a separate plastic bag;
  • Small items are best placed in pockets on the outside of the suitcase or in special containers. In this case, it is almost impossible to lose small items;
  • You don’t have to overpay for an excess at the airport if you wear bulky clothes before you leave. Upon arrival, things can again be folded into a bag.

How to compactly fold in a suitcase

Depending on the type of item, the packaging methods will vary. The main principle is a compact layout that preserves the original appearance. In road conditions, it is not always possible to wash and stroke.

Hats and hats

There are two ways to pack a hat compactly. If the hat does not hold the shape, then it is neatly folded and placed next to the main clothing. In the case when the hat should not be deformed, it is necessary to use a different method. Costly products must be placed in a specialized case. It should be remembered that in this case the container will take up a lot of space in the suitcase, but the product can be delivered without damage.

An ordinary straw hat is easier to pack. Turn it over and put folded clothes or towels in the recess. Soft tissue can be rolled up and placed compactly. Next, the headgear needs to be turned with the fields down. The top of the product must not be loaded with heavy objects so that the hat does not deform.


The packaging of an expensive suit or jacket must be approached responsibly. During transportation, kinks may appear that can only be removed with a steam generator. It is recommended to pack the suit in a spacious suitcase away from pens, cosmetics and small items.

Main steps:

  • make sure that the jacket is perfectly ironed;
  • the product must be placed on a flat and clean table;
  • folding is necessary by carefully twisting the shoulders;
  • Further, it is required to fold the jacket in half.

It is advisable to place the entire suit at the very bottom. On it, you can put rolled rollers from clothes. To preserve the fabric of the product, use a protective bag.

Jacket and coat

In the case when there is no opportunity to wear outer clothing and have to take with you, tips for packing in a suitcase will be required. A light sports jacket must be turned inside out and folded according to the principle of a jacket. Inflated items or down jackets are pre-placed in vacuum to save space.

Attention! The leather jacket needs to be folded carefully. Creases appearing during the transportation process are very difficult to eliminate.

It is not possible to place a coat compactly in a suitcase; damage may appear. It is advisable to transport the product separately on a special hanger. In the case when this method does not fit, the coat is turned out and folded in half. Packaging should be at the very bottom. Objects with sharp corners should be avoided. Products from the drape upon arrival at the destination, you must immediately get out of the bag and hang on a hanger in a closet. In this case, the thing will quickly find its original form.

Shirts and T-Shirts

Products made from natural materials crease very quickly. So that things do not need to be put in order upon arrival at the place, it is necessary to properly pack them. Shirts must be started to be folded on a flat surface, previously stroking and buttoning the buttons. The sleeves must be folded from the back, and then the product is doubled in half.

Important! In the process, you need to carefully check the folded shirt for kinks and bends. Only neatly folded clothes will look presentable after transportation.

T-shirts in a suitcase can be folded neatly using three methods:

  • Clothing should be placed on a flat surface and wrap the sleeves along the fold line to make a rectangle. Next, to the center you need to wrap the fabric on each side and fold the clothes horizontally;
  • The second method is packaging with a roll. First you need to fold the sleeves and wrap a t-shirt neatly. This method can significantly save space and save clothes;
  • Products that do not wrinkle can be randomly distributed around the suitcase. In this case, all the voids will be filled and the entire space will be used rationally.


On a trip you need to choose dresses made of synthetic fabrics that are not remembered during the transportation. Cotton and linen products will need to be ironed immediately upon arrival, but this is not very convenient. A long dress should start packing with a skirt and a train. The clothes are placed so that the top of the dress extends beyond the borders of the suitcase. Further, rollers from other things are laid between the layers and covered from above. If the product is decorated with fragile elements, it is recommended to additionally place it in a bag for protection. Summer sundresses can be placed in luggage on the principle of t-shirts.

Wedding dress and accessories are very difficult to place compactly in a common suitcase. In order not to damage the product during transportation, it is recommended to separate a bag or carry it on a hanger. You can optionally pack it in a protective case. To make the dress look neat upon arrival, you can hand it in before dry cleaning for steaming.

Jeans and trousers

To compactly pack the trousers, for starters it is important to combine the arrows and gently roll up. If there is a jacket, the set is placed at the very bottom of the baggage. In this case, the costume will retain its appearance. Jeans belong to the most unpretentious wardrobe items. Quality fabric is very difficult to wrinkle and ruin. If the product is wrinkled, then it immediately smoothes and takes the form of a body.

Ways to pack jeans:

  • folding into the bottom of the suitcase;
  • twisting a roll in different directions;
  • chaotic distribution of the suitcase;
  • as protection for fragile things.

Useful ways to pack your bags compactly

You should refuse to place things in piles, because in this form, the clothes after transportation will not look presentable because of creases and wrinkled areas. Dense rolls can save space and preserve the appearance of the product.

Ways of a complete set:

  • It is rational to place all objects according to the principle of "pyramid". The side walls of the suitcase should be occupied by shoes in a protective case. Costumes, jeans and heavy items are placed at the very bottom. Long dresses and trousers are positioned in such a way as to cover clothing rolls on top. Essentials must be put in the side pockets or on the very top of the suitcase;
  • All clothing can be placed crosswise relative to each other. In this case, it will be convenient to roll a roll of several things at once. Socks and underwear will not take up extra space. You can immediately form sets of clothes so as not to look for things for a long time. The method is suitable for materials that do not crease;
  • If you plan a short trip, it is more rational to collect a sports bag. It should be remembered that due to the lack of a rigid frame, any clothes can be wrinkled. In this case, the best option would be to roll the product into tight rolls.

There are useful tips on preparing certain items for transportation, which allow you to deliver luggage without damage.

Key recommendations:

  • headphones can be wound on a plastic card;
  • the glass container in the sleeve will not break;
  • the thread on the tubes is additionally sealed;
  • shoes can be placed in shoe covers or a bag;
  • fragile items are stored in a container or shoes;
  • straps and ties are fixed along the cover;
  • it is better to take simple shoes without a heel;
  • socks can be placed inside rolls;
  • it’s better to keep valuable equipment with you;
  • embroidery needs to be further protected.

Properly packed luggage allows you to rationally use all the space in your suitcase and take more things. Folding a suitcase yourself is not difficult if you follow useful tips. Things on arrival will look neat and you can immediately put them on. Additional covers, protective bags and belts will help to keep fragile items. Also, during preparation, you need to adhere to the main rule and collect only everything you need. You can clearly see the described methods using useful photos and videos.