How often do you need to change underwear?

Underwear comes in contact with the most delicate parts of our body. Even if you follow the rules of hygiene, you need to change it regularly. But not everyone knows the rules of socks and the frequency of changing underwear. This article is intended to help sort out this issue.

How often do I need to change underwear and why?

Experts say that men and women need to change their underpants daily. Women's bras change every 2-3 days. The frequency of linen changes directly affects your health.

  • In the hot season, it is recommended to change clothes more often, due to excessive sweating.
  • If your work is associated with frequent physical exertion, then it is worthwhile to carry out hygiene procedures twice a day.
  • Dirty laundry can cause skin irritation, and even ulcers. The reason is bacteria that breed on dirty underpants.
  • Change of underpants is made after each shower / bath.
  • People suffering from excessive sweating run the risk of getting a bacterial infection. As you know, a humid environment is favorable for the propagation of harmful microorganisms.
  • Lack of intimate hygiene is fraught with the development of candidiasis in women and men.
  • When washing, be sure to select the double rinse mode (or another similar one, depending on the model of the washing machine). If particles of powder remain on the fabric, it may cause irritation and itching on the skin.

How often underwear is changed - statistics

Numerous studies conducted by domestic and foreign experts show that women are more sensitive than men in matters of hygiene. Not for nothing there is a "bearded" joke on this subject, about the three stages of pollution of men's socks.

A survey conducted by the authoritative British tabloid Daily Mail revealed that more often married men change their underwear, and single do it less often. About 80% of respondents change cowards daily. About 15% of respondents send clothes for washing only when visible contaminants appear on it.

Domestic researchers also conducted surveys among our men. The results showed that only 40% of respondents change their clothes daily, about a third of respondents do it every 2-3 days, once every 1-2 weeks - 10%. Every fifth respondent does this even less often.

REFERENCE! Also, statistics show that single Russian men, like English, change their underpants and socks less often than married ones.

The difference in hygiene between men and women

As you know, the female body has some distinctive features. Specifically, the presence of critical days. During this period, special hygiene must be observed.

  • Gynecologists recommend buying individual panties for critical days. Usually dark colors so that no spots are visible on them.
  • It is recommended to use special products for washing with a neutral pH level. Women are in principle forbidden to wash themselves with ordinary soap, because it has a detrimental effect on the microflora of intimate places.
  • Women and men are encouraged to conduct personal hygiene procedures twice a day.
  • Men should learn how to choose their underwear. It is recommended to wear wide cotton shorts, the so-called "family members". They are not the most aesthetic, but they do not press anywhere and do not contribute to overheating of the genitals.

If you experience any unpleasant symptoms (itching, diaper rash, etc.), consult your doctor immediately. It is dangerous to self-medicate.