How not to become a simpleton by wearing a flower dress

Serious fashionistas know that a flower dress is not always stylish . In some cases, women in such dresses have a rustic look, others look like young grandmothers. Meanwhile, floral dresses have long been at the peak of popularity . And they’re not going to lose their positions!

What to do: be afraid of an old-fashioned image or refuse clothes with a pretty pattern? I think you should not deny yourself and put aside dresses with such a print. And how to wear them to look attractive, we will tell.

How to choose your flower dress

Of course, all models and styles sit on ladies in different ways. It all depends not only on the color of the hair or eyes, but also on how the print visually changes the shape.

Choose print size

  • A small floral pattern is perfect for both thin and slender, and magnificent women.

  • A large print should cause caution in overweight women.

Important! Large flowers are able to visually increase volumes.

We are looking for a suitable style

  • Full young ladies should choose products with a Basques of medium length.
  • Owners of wide hips and narrow waists will perfectly suit the A-silhouette, so they will look as feminine as possible.
  • For girls with an “inverted triangle” figure, it is best to opt for models with a fluffy skirt.

Fashionable flower dresses season 2019

Floral print has become a trend of 2019. But in order to look stylish, it is not enough to buy the first dress you get with such a pattern. It is important to choose a model that has a modern cut, relevant details.

What is useful in the summer

  • Sundresses . Their assortment is diverse. Today you can find a sundress of any cut, of various lengths, with a variety of sleeves, with or without straps. This model is perfectly used for everyday activities, and for solemn summer events.

  • Dress shirt . Emphasize the sex appeal and femininity of its owner.

  • Products with magnificent sleeves on ties or assembly . These sleeves are trendy this season.

  • Maxi This option is the best choice for an evening out. But you should pay special attention to him, so as not to go too far with the flowers.

  • The bell, the sun, the smell of French length . Excellent on chiseled figures of miniature ladies.

  • Case . Elegant dress is perfect for business meetings, and for romantic dinners.

How to combine a flower dress to look stylish

We examined the most popular styles of the season. Now let's figure out which shoes and accessories should be used for combinations, so as not to goof off.

  • With a hat of a close shade . An option that will certainly stand out from the crowd and will be the best gift for a girl.

  • With rude boots . A flowing summer dress with flowers in combination with boots will make a woman ultra-modern, no matter how old she is!

  • With high boots . It looks great, while meeting the latest fashion requirements.

  • With a cap and trendy narrow glasses . This choice can be afforded only by a bold fashionista. Such an image will make you talk about yourself.
  • A boho dress goes well with cowboy boots and a hat .

  • With a bright cross-body bag . She will give a good mood to the one who decides to complement her look so.

  • With flat sandals . Ideal for walking under the scorching summer sun.

  • With sneakers or sneakers . A light and unobtrusive image is perfect for everyday walks.

Agree, these combinations are completely unlike the usual - with high-heeled shoes. But the traditional version in the case of a flower dress will forgive. But are we against this?