How much fabric do you need for a pencil skirt

The correct calculation of fabric is an integral part of the clothing manufacturing process. If there is more material than necessary, there will be unnecessary rags that are no longer needed by anyone, and this is a waste of money. If less - the situation will be saved only by changing the length of the product or the model as a whole.

We’ll tell you how to calculate how much fabric you need to get on a narrow pencil skirt.

What determines the consumption of fabric for a pencil skirt

A pencil skirt differs from a classic straight skirt by narrowing down along the side sections .

For convenience, in most cases, the middle seam of the back panel is formed by a slot or a cut. More complex models may have embossed seams, undercuts, coquette and other design features.

The following factors affect the amount of tissue consumption.

  • Girth of the hips . Measured parallel to the floor, through the protruding points of the hips, buttocks and abdomen.
  • The length of the product in the finished form.
  • Web width, standard - 1.5 m, less often - 1.1 m.
  • Drawing on the material: the greater the rapport, the higher the consumption .
  • Design features of the skirt model .

Important! If the model has too many reliefs and additional elements, the consumption will increase at least 2 times.

How to make a calculation of fabric for sewing a pencil skirt

Fabric selection

First you need to decide on the materials.

Tip . For the first time, you should choose a canvas without drawings, because special skills are needed to sew a product with a print.

A dense fabric that stretches slightly in the transverse direction is best. So the skirt will be easier to fit on the figure.

Fabric calculation data

To calculate the material consumption for a classic pencil skirt with a slit at the back, we take the following quantities.

  • Canvas: width 1.5 m (folded 0.75 m).
  • Half hips - 0.5 m.
  • The allowance for free fit on the hips is 1 cm.

Reference. The amount of increase depends on how tight fit you need to achieve, as well as on the elasticity of the material.

  • The allowances for the side seams are 3 cm (1.5 on each side).
  • The allowance for the back seam is 1.5 cm. The last two values ​​can be reduced, but for beginners it is better to play it safe .

How to calculate web consumption

  • Subtract all other values ​​from 75, we get 19.5 cm. For a given size, one material length is enough.

Important! If the number turned out to be negative, it is necessary to take two lengths of the product.

  • Product length - 0.6 m.
  • The seam allowance along the waistline is 1 cm;
  • Belt width - 5-6 cm;
  • The allowances for the belt to be fitted to the waist line are 1.2 cm x 2 = 2.4.
  • 4 cm hem allowance.
  • Shrinkage and bevel allowance - 15 cm.
  • As a result, we get the final result of the amount of material used for a pencil skirt : 60 + 1 + 6 + 2.4 + 4 + 15 = 88.4.

They will not measure this in the store, so we round off the result to 0.9 m and boldly go shopping.