How much does tulle need for a skirt for a girl?

A tulle skirt is the subject of the wardrobe of a real lady. Lush, flying fabric emphasizes the femininity and romance of the owner. In addition, a tutu skirt perfectly accentuates the waist and makes the silhouette visually thinner.

It’s not necessary to run to an expensive boutique in search of the perfect tulle skirt.

You can create it yourself, without any doubt that it will also look gorgeous.

Features of tulle material

Tulle is a lightweight mesh fabric. It is made of nylon and comes in different stiffnesses. This material looks like a light translucent veil with a shiny or matte surface.

It differs from other mesh fabrics in its ability to maintain shape, uniformity and smoothness of the material. It is used mainly for clothing decor, creating accessories or as the basis for a lush wardrobe item.

Speaking about the features of tulle, it is impossible not to mention its positive and negative qualities.

Advantages of tulle:

  1. It does not crease or deform even from water.
  2. Easy to clean: almost no pollution and dries quickly.
  3. It is lightweight, so wearing tulle is very simple.


  1. It does not tolerate high temperatures (melts and loses shape).
  2. Electrification, but this problem can be eliminated with a special spray.
  3. In several layers of tulle it is very hot, so you need to wear a lining.

Important! If a tulle skirt is worn on a child, it is necessary to monitor contact with hot objects and open flames. This material easily ignites!

Tulu Tutu Skirt: Tutorial

The desire to have a chic fluffy tutu skirt in your wardrobe can be realized very quickly. Let's figure out how much tulle is needed for a children's skirt?

To create it, you will need:

  • Calculate the amount of tulle.
  • Get an elastic band for your belt.
  • Cut the fabric into strips in an amount of 50 pcs.
  • For convenience, pull the elastic over the back of the chair.
  • Tie strips of material on the elastic with weak knots.

Attention! Do not tighten the rubber bands too much, this will lead to deformation of the future product.

  • Tie all the elastic so that there are no holes left.
  • Hide the elastic band behind a satin ribbon of a suitable color.
  • Garnish with beads, rhinestones and other accessories.

Simple calculation formula and accessories

To make a pack style skirt, you need to be able to calculate the dimensions of the material used .

Having bought a tulle of the desired color in a textile store, follow the instructions:

  1. Measure the hip circumference. For example, the hips in girth will be 70 cm, therefore, 70 strips for a skirt will be needed. The classic width of one strip is 15 cm.
  2. Determine the length of the product. For example, the desired length of the skirt will be 60 cm. Then the length of one strip is the length of the skirt multiplied by 2. (60 * 2 = 120). In our example, the strip is 120 cm.
  3. Full calculation of the amount of material needed . The length of the strip in this case is 120 cm. Then from the cut of the fabric, in which the length is 120 cm and the width, for example, is 350 cm.

We will get 21 pieces. stripes (width of one strip 350: 15 = 21). In our example, there are 70 bands, we divide 70 by 21 and get the number of full pieces of fabric (70: 21 = 3). That is 3 pieces of fabric 120 cm / 350 cm.

To decorate the skirt, sequins fit on glue, lace patterns, embroidery or sequins are suitable. The belt can be decorated with flower applique, rhinestones or beads.

A fluffy skirt for a girl without sewing

When there is not enough time for the long process of sewing a skirt, you can use the tips for making this garment without sewing.

For a fluffy skirt we need:

  • Chess gum.
  • A few coils of tulle or cut from a piece of material tape. It is better to choose a dense type of mesh fabric.

Tutu skirt on a grid in a checkerboard pattern

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Pull the elastic on a solid base in the form of a book or a wooden board.
  2. Fold the tape of the desired length of tulle in half and thread into the lower part of the gum hole.
  3. Pull the loose ends through the loop and tighten.
  4. Secure all tulle ribbons according to this principle.
  5. Create the next layer of the skirt in the same way, but above the previous one by several bands of elastic.
  6. Spread tulle, decorate with accessories.

Reference! If there is no chess gum, you can replace it with a regular one and fasten ribbons from mesh material according to the same principle.

Tulle carnival skirt with train

A cheerful holiday image is not complete without bright and original clothes.

An interesting and perky tutu skirt will be a great solution for a carnival party.

And if you add to it such an unusual detail as a stretching shining train made of mesh fabric, the outfit will leave a truly unforgettable impression.

There are two ways to create a skirt with a train.

The first option involves the use of a whole piece of fabric . To do this, you will need:

  1. Lay out the fabric of the desired length on the table.
  2. Sew the top with large stitches.
  3. Pull the thread, distributing evenly along the entire length of the fold.
  4. Cut tulle 50 cm wide into ribbons of various lengths so that the longest pieces are equal to the length from the waist to the floor.
  5. Sew each tape along the top edge and similarly peel to form wrinkles.
  6. Sew ribbons with voluminous pleats from above to the skirt belt.
  7. Hide the belt behind a wide satin ribbon.

The second option is based on weaving with chess gum.

For him it is necessary:

  1. Prepare chess gum and ribbons from mesh material of different lengths.
  2. Fix the tape on the elastic with loops in the same way as the “skirt without sewing” method.
  3. Place no more than 10 tapes on the lower tier of the gum.
  4. Fasten shorter ribbons with the next tier.
  5. Form a layered skirt and decorate as needed.

Using these techniques, creating a fluffy tutu skirt can be very simple and fast. The main thing is to take clear measurements and show imagination.