How mother of five children dresses Natalya Vodyanova

Do you think the story of Cinderella is possible only in a fairy tale? But what about Natalia Vodianova? In the past, a girl from Nizhny Novgorod (more precisely, Gorky, so her hometown was then called), who skipped classes at school because she helped her mother sell fruits and vegetables in the market. And today - a successful star in the fashion world, Valentino's favorite, mother of five children, preserving the girl's face. And if not an icon of style, then certainly - an example of how a modern woman can look.

Let's take a look at her instagram page. Let's see how Natalya Vodyanova dresses, how she manages to make any of her looks elegant. The "lessons" of the famous model will certainly be useful to many women.

Mood color

Color matters, the famous model convinces.


For a long time she did not hide her passion for red . And today he does not refuse him, choosing an outfit of light flowing matter of bright color for exit.

Lipstick of the same color, necklace and shiny sandals have become a great addition to the dress. It is no coincidence that her husband happily photographs Natalia before going out, and then poses with her with no less pleasure.

And to congratulate her beloved couturier on her birthday, Natalya chooses a photo with Valentino, in which she is again in red.

Beige to Brown: Possible Shades

No boring shades - another lesson from Natalia Vodianova. Recently, she often uses for her outfits a variety of shades of beige, which is gradually approaching brownish tones.

Beige, complemented by sequins on a pleated skirt fashionable this season, combined with a light blouse decorated with a tie made of the same fabric, looks reserved, but not at all boring.

The evening outfit of a golden hue evokes admiring glances and goes very much to Natalya.

Like the original beige dress, in which the star is photographed against the background of Indian temples with walls of a milky hue. The top of the dress is richly decorated with embroidery and rhinestones. A simple cut skirt is transformed by unusual tails.

Any color - to the face!

It is impossible not to notice that Natalia Vodianova organically looks in any color.

Her wardrobe is not complete without a traditional black dress.

And in a dress of deep purple, she is no less attractive to her husband. And he continues to look at the beautiful wife in love with eyes. Like in this photo from the streets of New York.

Wardrobe of the famous model

Elegance is perhaps the main criterion in compiling the images of Natalia Vodianova .

In her wardrobe there are trouser suits, satin skirts, turtlenecks, comfortable jeans, etc. Any outfit is organically combined with shoes: stilettos, medium-heeled sandals, ballet flats or unusual sneakers with curved toes.

But the voluminous styles, baggy spacious robes, the Russian model does not really favor. But he prefers products that are able to demonstrate the beautiful figure of a mother with many children. After all, she was able to save her in her 37 years.

To be noticeable, it is not at all necessary to become defiant or vulgar, for Natalia Vodianova this is obvious. The main thing is to choose things that are right for you .

And for everyone around, it’s also obvious: to be elegant, you have to work hard. After all, each image of the model was the result of a thoughtful approach to the selection of each element of the costume. And also the result of a careful selection of accessories and jewelry, hairstyles and makeup.

But this is not enough. The main thing is to love the world, smile at it and everyone around, as the mother of five charming children does, the founder of the charity foundation, the loving and beloved wife and just a beautiful woman Natalia Vodianova.