How Meryl Streep combines femininity and conservatism

Many critics and film critics rank Meryl Streep as the greatest actresses of our time and consider them a legend. Despite her venerable age, she continues to delight her fans not only with her work in the movies, but also with her impeccable appearance. Next, we consider the main style attributes of the famous movie star in more detail.

The main secret of Meryl Streep is simplicity and comfort

Meryl Streep is a conservative in everything. The priority of the actress has always been a family, and not a Hollywood society. All her life she lives with one husband . Her chosen one was the sculptor Don Gummer.

In clothes, she always strives for simplicity and convenience, however, she can afford frank neckline and tight-fitting outfits. In his spare time, a celebrity can be seen in jeans, a cardigan and biker boots.

The actress believes that you can portray anyone in a movie, but the rest of the time you need to be yourself: take a break from makeup and defiant outfits.

Meryl Streep Cast.

Hairstyle and makeup

The actress found her hair color in her youth and later on did not experiment with a hairstyle.

Strip prefers neutral makeup and does not resort to bright accents. The maximum program is the natural shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, blush and mascara. The actress chose such a make-up back in the 1980s and remains faithful to him. Celebrity does not accept plastic surgery either .

Attention! With brightly painted lips Meryl Streep can be seen only on the red carpet of film festivals.


Meryl once admitted to reporters that she was not at all ready to pay 2 thousand euros for her purse, and it would be better to wear a simple cosmetic bag. Just a couple of times Meryl was spotted with Salvatore Ferragamo and Celine bags .

The star also does not like expensive jewelry with precious stones . Even at a gala reception, she can come in rag earrings and feel free. Often it can be seen in ordinary pearl cloves.

Meryl's favorite accessories:


The actress prefers classic costumes, robe dresses and simple dresses in black and white . Kinodiva does not consider it necessary to spend large sums on clothes. Her outfits reflect a character, not a frequently changing fashion.

Hoodie Dresses

From a young age, the star of world cinema preferred free outfits . In those days, she wore jeans, bomber jackets and midi skirts.

She belts dresses of a similar cut with spectacular wide belts . It is in these clothes that she feels most comfortable.


Even at twenty, Meryl did not like tight things. Oversized actress combines spacious shirts with ribbons tied in a bow on her chest. Long models with a belt to emphasize the waist. With this, she once again proves that she wears voluminous clothes not because of the lack of a figure.

Reference! Back in the 1970s, she wore shirts with long skirts or trousers in pajama style.

Evening dresses

Even in evening dresses, the actress manages to look simple, preferring clothes without unnecessary jewelry and sequins. At Oscar, Meryl looks just as simple.

Many fashion critics say that Meryl's pleasant, good-natured face distracts her from beautiful outfits.

Occasionally Meryl appears at receptions in magnificent skirts.

Comfortable shoes

In choosing shoes, a celebrity is also considered a conservative. For red tracks, she selects statement in gold, beige or black. She does not change the classic colors .

If the dress code is not indicated, the actress prefers Stella McCartney things or shoes with a square toe and a low heel. In ordinary life, she often appears in biker boots.

Important! At the BAFTA 2012 ceremony, rising to the stage, the actress lost her shoe . Colin Firth helped get out of this awkward situation. And the next day there were photos of the new Cinderella.

Meryl Streep never sought to follow fashion trends, but, despite this, she became an icon of style. The secret of her success lies in choosing simple and convenient things in which she feels natural.